What did you never get about school?

What did you never get about school?

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  1. 0 tolerance policy. Long story short, if you get your ass kicked by someone, despite you not even throwing a punch, kick, etc…you can and still will get in trouble. So although I don’t condone this kind of stuff, you might as well do something since you’re getting in trouble either way.

  2. The dude who would always touch his dick during class…you know, the pocket pool guy. Ask any teacher…there’s at least one every year who has to be “talked to”.

  3. Our school had a serious problem with students huffing glue to get high so they decided to educate us on the dangers of huffing. But all they really did was show everyone a wider variety of different household items to get high on besides glue, so the huffing problem got even worse.

  4. I get 3 tests a week. Why doesn’t my school just make a test week every 2 months? I mean, we pretty much learn something and forget it a couple days later because we weren’t taught to memorize for long-term, we were taught to memorize for a couple days for the test.

  5. I have been posting this a lot: the absolute disparities and quality of education you get just by your address. I’m an American, I went to public school in the Great Lakes area in a school that was, while somewhat rural, rated extremely high nationwide. I had absolutely no clue as to the problems inner city and poor rural schools faced. I never knew what a portable classroom was, I never heard the term overcrowding, I didn’t know some schools had no books/supplies, the building could be falling apart, kids would graduate without having basic knowledge, teachers didn’t care, etc.

    I thought all public schools were great. That’s clearly not the case, and while I am grateful for the quality education I got I do find it extremely unfair that such opportunities are not available to everyone. If you don’t live in a rich town your schools will be bad, but the really good schools won’t spend a moment even acknowledging them so those in the good schools are even that much more isolated and so distant from the problems they just keep feeding a terrible cycle.

  6. Why homework was so important when I got good grades on tests. I was catastrophically disorganized as a kid. I couldn’t maintain a planner, so I couldn’t remember to do homework. If I DID remember to do my homework, I couldn’t find it when it came time to turn it in. But I consistently got As and the occasional B on tests and quizzes. My grades in middle school/high school were pretty much solely dependent on how much homework counted towards your overall grade for the class.

    It didn’t seem like a “prepare you for college” thing either. I had NO daily homework assignments in college, just papers and exams, so my grades were amazing. I had professors who didn’t even care about *attendance* if your grades were good, much less homework assignments.

  7. Everything about it to be honest. The teachers on a power trip. The teachers who made us try to participate way more than we need to. (Not including university and graduate school)

  8. Why hats weren’t aloud. Like I can understand hoods because they can cover the face but hats? Really? (One kid at my school had a Yamaka and was aloud to wear it for religious reasons and everyone was jealous (or at least I was))

  9. Homework. From elementary through high school we’re at school 8 hours a day and still come home with a few hours worth of homework. Many subjects IMO dont need homework because the subjects dont need supplemental work to reinforce the lesson plan. How exactly is “read chapter 1 and answer the questions on page 8” reinforcing anything, especially when most text books are on the computer and I can CTRL + F the answer.

  10. Gym class being mandatory. I’m sorry but I didnt want to be all sweaty halfway through the day and sure as hell wasn’t going to use the showers… don’t they even know how cruel girls are to each other with their clothes ON?!

  11. why it was done the way it was.

    I mean, it rarely was about learning to do something. It was mostly about memorizing things, writing an exam, and memorizing the next set of things. Whenever I had questions in math about why the calculation is done the way it is, the answer was “because I say so” or “because it simply is”. Probably why I never managed to be good at it..

    I saw the same in job school the past 3 years, my colleague had the better grades of us two, but had no fucking clue how any of the stuff at work works. Meanwhile I had grades not as good, but knew how things worked.

    This I genuinely don’t understand, why stupidly memorizing information is encouraged but actually learning to do things is not.

  12. It’s very obvious which kids are comfortable doing presentations and which aren’t. The extrovert could have done 0 research, but it was entertaining enough and the teacher is like “very memorable!” I remember one kid did a speech on global warming… this was like 1999 and we’re 10, and another girl did one on HER PET DOG. “He’s very cute. He’s THE BEST dog ever. He is just so cute!” for 3 minutes. She was chosen to represent out class in front of the school because it was an endearing presentation from the teacher’s perspective. The global warming one, another teacher actually made a comment “why the hell was he not chosen to represent the class?”; I guess it was foreshadowing for the way shit generally goes in everyday life.

    It made me feel bad about spending a lot of time working on something to just be called out on another aspect of myself I can’t help lol… “couldn’t listen to your presentation because I distracted by the fact that you didn’t make eye contact with the class; you’re going to have to go up and present again”.

  13. Why we had mandated school supplied swimsuits at my high school for our mandatory swim class. I’m sorry but I don’t like speedo’s that are 20 years old and fit like shit. Luckily they changed this policy the year after I had to deal with it. So dumb.

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