What did you want to be when you grew up VS. what you are now?

What did you want to be when you grew up VS. what you are now?

What do you think?

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  1. A restauranteur. I was going to make people happy with the food I cooked and provide a heck of an experience where you’d want to come back again and again.

    I work in IT, and a little unhappy about it. Not too much. It pays the bills and puts food in the family’s tummy.

  2. I wanted to be a physicist or meteorologist (scientist not TV weather person), turns out college is only for rich kids so I work at a warehouse.

  3. i wanted to be a doctor. after seeing the pain and study you have to do for that, i threw that dream away real quick. now i just wanna edit videos to make people laugh and have fun

  4. It changed with my age. But my aspirations were in science or the NPS. I wound up bouncing jobs and doing sex work for a while. I was on the streets too.

  5. While little kid I wanted to be a space archeologist. Now I simply want to be an asteroid floating in space. I’m a barman in real life. Wish I would be an asteroid tho.

  6. Wanted to be Elvis lol. I did get to play in a band for a few years and that was fun but doesn’t pay shit unless you are actually famous. I am in IT now.

  7. I wanted to be a musician and a marine. I’m a retired marine now. And I am a musician, I don’t get paid to do it but I make music. I build airplanes now too.

  8. I wanted to be a professional illustrator, for things like RPG’s, etc.

    Took fine art and graphic design.

    ended up doing illustration and design for tabletop miniature games (similar to, say, 40k).

    that ended after a few years, but…

    25 years later, working on writing and design for a new tabletop game using miniatures.

  9. When I was little I wanted to be an accountant because I liked math, and that was the only job I knew of at the time that would involve a lot of math I guess…. I’m a mechanical engineer. 🤓

  10. I grew up in a small town but I dreamed of working on the top floor of a skyscraper in the big city. I moved to the city for school and eventually got an office job in a tall building where I started out on the 14th floor, then changed positions and moved to the 26th floor, and now am currently working on the 45th floor. There are 52 floors in the building. Give me a few years and I’ll let you know if I’ve made it.

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