What disillusioned you the most while being in the army? And why?

What disillusioned you the most while being in the army? And why?

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  1. The way that the senior NCO’s are 25% competent leaders and the other 75% are assholes who have been promoted because they play the system.

    Half of those 75% are pathetic bullies who especially hate anyone competent below them because it shows just how useless they really are.

  2. The utter incompetence at the staff level, and the complete shitty handling of Iraq/Afghanistan. The horror stories I could tell of millions of tax dollars I saw wasted over there……

  3. Did 6 years in the Army.

    Before I joined I had this illusion in my head that soldiers were the paragons of humanity. That they were these selfless, hard working, intelligent people who always strive to do whats right to defend our country.

    After joining, I realized its 90% people who could never make it in college, some of the most racist, dumb, close minded and lazy people I had ever met. It immediately made me regret my decision.

    My goal was to do a military career and become an officer but after seeing what it was, I decided nope nope nope.

    That being said there are some awesome people in the military and the experience is unlike any other.

  4. Not me, but my buddy. He was a super smart, driven guy who joined the Army post 9/11 out of good ol’ patriotism.

    He was shocked at the level of ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude of his fellow soldiers. They were the lowest of the low, the guys who couldn’t get hired as the overnight fry cook at a chain fast food restaurant. They had no ability comprehend or care about the significance of the Army’s mission and, in his view, were the absolute worst possible representation of our Nation you could conceivably send overseas.

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