What do insanely rich people buy that poor people have no idea about?

What do insanely rich people buy that poor people have no idea about?

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  1. Time.

    For example, I own a boat, I work my ass off on it repairing, cleaning, storage, etc. If I were rich I would just pay to have all of that taken care of so that I just make a call and the boat was ready to go anytime I wanted it.

    The rich spend their money on toys, but they also spend money buying the time to use those toys and to live their lives.

  2. Weird but important different types of insurance on their “money-makers”

    Like Taylor Swift has her legs insured for like $50 million. Her legs are part of her brand, her look. If some terrible accident happened that removed her legs or damaged them, she has insurance to cover that loss of income.

  3. Support ships for your mega-yacht.

    The biggest yachts don’t travel alone, they generally have small cargo ships that do everything from house additional staff, to transport your cars so you always have them when you make port, to holding all of your toys (helicopters, submarines, day-boats, etc.). They’ll often travel a day or two ahead of the yacht to a destination so that your staff can unload your things (cars, clothing, etc.) at the next villa you’re summering in.

  4. People. Slavery is alive and well just less brutal and more capitalistic. Politicians, judges, police, education it goes on and on. It also changes depending on where you live by the amount of money needed to buy local VS national VS international.

  5. They love registries, where they can have their names next to the most luxurious items without always physically possessing the product.

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