What do short men have to do to get girls?

What do short men have to do to get girls?

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  1. Not be insecure about your height. My ex-boyfriend wouldn’t let me wear heels because “I got closer to his height” (but was never taller than him).

  2. As a female I don’t think men should be insecure about their height I really don’t think it’s that big a deal (or it shouldn’t be) the right person isn’t going to not be with you based upon something so trivial and unimportant.

    If women are making you feel shit about yourself for something that you can’t change maybe they are the ones who should be insecure about themselves and their personality…not you

  3. In my personal experience dating a shorter guy. Just be a good person and not be hung up on your height or lack there of. Once you have a little swagger, some fashion sense and a good personality….you’ll be surprised how women tend to overlook trivial things such as height. Ohhh and last but not least ….know how to rock her world.

  4. Depends what kind of girls. Im short (5’7″), and almost all the girls ive dated/talked to were the model types. Im not rich, but I am good looking, naturally confident (I guess? I think most confident people dont think to themselves they are confident), and I have been blessed down there. What I am trying to say is, if youre going for the pretty girls (8s and higher), you better have something that seperates you out from the pack. If youre going for your league, it usually isnt hard. Most guys who ask this question are really asking how do short men get instagram models/hot girls.

  5. If you’re not getting dates it’s not about your height. Yes there are people that aren’t going to date you because you’re short. I know girls that won’t date you if you’re white. I know girls that only date guys with blue eyes. No one looks at those girls and says man I don’t get dates because I’m white. Or because I have brown eyes. I’m sorry to be the one that lets you know this but not everyone will be attracted to you and not all women have the same preferences. There are plenty of women who will date a short guy. If you can’t get dates there is a lot more in the way than just your height. How social you are is a big determining factor. You aren’t going to meet women if you aren’t meeting women. Most people don’t date some just because they are attractive. If you’re kinda trash personality wise and not built like a god no one will put up with you. Be a better you.

    Short men seem to think tall guys can just slay whenever they want. That’s not even remotely true and it’s honestly telling about their own insecurity and lack of self awareness.

  6. 5’8. Got girls my whole life and my girlfriend now is a little taller than me. Pro tip: don’t think about it and be yourself with a little extra game added in for good measure. Girls don’t care that much

  7. I can cook, own a home, have a dog, decent job, and great sense of humor and I struggle massively. I guess I need to work out more and just get myself out there more.

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