What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

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  1. My marriage. I finally took a stand made a change on it. I’m moving into my new place this month and I am so excited for my next chapter.

  2. in all honestly i think money is the only thing keeping me away from happiness. i know money can’t buy happiness and all that but with the way things work you really can’t do shit without money. i don’t seek much to keep myself happy, but i just realized how most of my hobbies can be expensive. i would buy some materials to test out and improve, and then hold back because im afraid to waste it from making too much mistakes.

  3. Threats of nuclear war I keep hearing it all the time and it’s Freaking me out and I live in the uk and Russia state tv showed a cgi video of nukes hitting the uk. I haven’t been sleeping at night because of it.

  4. Don’t think complete happiness exists. But standing between me despising every second of life and me thinking life isn’t all that bad? Money.

  5. Nothing, because ‘complete happiness’ isn’t a thing. I mean, people can be content with their lives overall, I would say I’m fairly close to that with one major exception. But this whole idea that people somehow deserve to be ‘happy’ is just nonsense to me. Nobody deserves anything. Happiness, sadness, it doesn’t matter. The universe and all of us in it are just a random series of chaotic events.

  6. The ever present awareness that life as we know it is spiraling downwards into a horrific, catastrophic state, exacerbated by the conditioning of our modern lifestyle which has made us ill prepared for the wilderness survival that will be requisite for our future existence.

    Other than that, not much.

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