What do you do if you hear a big spider in your house?

What do you do if you hear a big spider in your house?

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  1. Fuck, when you are talking about *hearing* the beast insted of seeing it, you know its time for action. I would get 8 sticks, tie them together and use them to knock on the door to the house in the hopes he may answer the door. Then Id slam it behind him and peg it upstairs under the bed.

  2. Bro the only spider you would be able to hear would be the size of a dining room table with how light they walk. I’m going to try to not get caught in any spider webs as I call the police saying their is an intruder in my house because it might as well be its own person now.

  3. This reminds me of a kid in college who had a whole family of spiders and they were all named Jeremy.

    Answering to the question above, how big is this spider above that you can hear it? Anyways, I would leave, get the vacuum then after I catch the spider I’d put it in the blender and flush it down the toilet.

  4. Normally I’m down for just catch and release with most bugs, but if I can *hear* the spider I’m grabbing my cat and hauling ass

    Then I’m calling the nearby military base to nuke my house

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