What do you do incorrectly that you’ll likely never change?

What do you do incorrectly that you’ll likely never change?

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  1. I make a lot of stuff out of wood and I don’t have fancy and expensive tools to I just have to do the best that I can. I now have a reputation as “Never level….. never square.”

    I recently made a small rack of shelves for a space underneath my kitchen counter and it was “… just a smidge off level and, well, square-ish.”

    But you know what, I have “never level, never square” stuff that I have made that has lasted 20 years or more. Like this table my laptop is sitting on. I also have had problems finding lumber that is square and not bent in some way.

    I mean, it’s not ridiculously out of square or level, just not textbook or YouTube worthy, for sure.

    So I’ll just keep muddling along, doing the best I can with what I have.

    PS: Made all the furniture in my house. Except for my computer chair which I bought.

  2. i type with my two index fingers and pinkies, and using my thumbs for the space bar. i could never get used to typing the traditional way, and i type way faster and comfortably doing it my way.

  3. I eat cereal with a fork. When I was a kid I bent all the spoons trying to scoop ice cream, so when it was time for cereal I just used a fork and never went back.

  4. I don’t put my bra on normally, or like any other person with boobs does. I put it on backwards, upside down, like clasp it in the front, under my boobs first. Then slide it around and flip it up, put my arms thru the straps and do it that way. Never been able to blindly clasp my bra behind my back.

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