What do you do to spice up sex in a marriage?

What do you do to spice up sex in a marriage?

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  1. What worked for both of us was free use, basically my husband could have sex with me whenever and wherever he wanted. So I’d be loading the dishwasher and then suddenly I’m on the kitchen floor getting pounded. Or watching TV when he just pulls my head into his lap and makes me suck him. We’re moving on to public situations now, he just fucked me in the parking garage at the casino. We’re in our 50s and probably having as much sex as we did when we first started dating.

  2. Communication about what things we would like to try. Slowly turned into toys. BDSM. Fantasy toys. Fucking machines. Trips to Vegas revolving around sex. Eventually sharing ourselves on the internet.
    Communication is the key! We love each other and love fucking each other. Why not explore your wildest fantasies with the person you already love to fuck?

    There are apps like Spicer if you are shy and want to approach it slowly. It’s so much fun.

  3. Send the kids to their grandparents. Go out and party. Destroy the house when you get home.

    We live near New Orleans. We have, on occasion, hit every adult store and strip club (male and female) together, rented a hotel, destroyed the hotel. Neither of us are bi, but we still have a blast. Would recommend.

  4. Not married but our relationship is solid and we both have a mutual interest in BDSM, as well as respectful open dialogue and the sex is out of this world. Communication and honest discussion of sexual desires.

  5. I have a friend who is letting his wife try things with women in hopes for a threesome.

    But roleplaying, toys, exploration, and new positions are always fun. It’s all about communication and comfort zones.

    This blog has a lot of good resources for spicing things up and encouraging healthy communication and sexual play:[oh joy sex toy](https://www.ohjoysextoy.com)

  6. We do all sorts of crazy shit, but honestly what keeps it hot is the maintenance sex. Doesn’t matter how many stripper/swinger/orgiespornsites etc you visit – just having any kind of sex REGULARLY rain or shine (even when you think you don’t want to) is what keeps things hot.

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