What do you hate about the country you live in?

What do you hate about the country you live in?

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  1. Apparently electric scooters aren’t legal to ride in public here, if you’re caught doing that then you can get a large fine, points on your license and the scooter seized.

    However, you can still legally buy or sell them…

  2. I just hate the “if you’re not with us, you’re the devil” mindset we’ve got in America. Doesn’t matter what your reasoning is, if you’re against someone elses ideology you’re the devil and your opinions don’t matter. Cant have civilized discussions anymore. The second you say you agree with X thing that the person you’re debating with disagrees with, a brick wall immediately forms in front of the conversation and there is no going forward.

  3. It’s hard to be a collector of certain figures, or a fan of certain series. “Support the official release” sounds like a joke when you can only import stuff from abroad and pay ridiculous customs fees and taxes. And then some series “aren’t available in your country”.

  4. The smart shaming. Everytime you answer a question correctly, some people will say that the one who answer is “full of them selves”,”pabibo”,”kissing the teachers foot”,ect.

  5. how we’ve handled covid compared to other even larger countries.

    Also seeing how many dumb fucks there are turning up to anti vax protests is embarrassing.

  6. It’s not something I hate really, just annoying. The being politically correct movement. It really gets ridiculous at times with what people claim “really makes me upset”. Lol I have to laugh sometimes

  7. A lot. Humid weather, politics regressing so bad, high propensity to litter, environmental neglect and corruption is so bad. Also religion messing up with politics. Also neighbors minding others business.

  8. the way they handle a pandemic now, compared to where I used to live during the 2003 SARS pandemic and how it got handled there (Hong Kong).

    At this point, I kind of wish I never experienced SARS, because experiencing 2 different pandemics in such different ways is making me feel crazy tbh. I used to think my experiences could be helpful to others; educational, even. I naïvely expected the majority here to behave somewhat the same as what I was used to in Asia. I accept how completely, foolishly wrong I was in thinking that. At this point, I truly have given up hope for when this pandemic will ever end.

  9. everything- from corruption to how the government handled the pandemic to the people still supporting the shitty system

    even religion gets mixed up in between lol

  10. I’m thousands of dollars in debt because I spent a bunch of time in the hospital. My credit score is garbage because I made an attempt on my life. While I am mentally doing better now, I’m broke and in debt because I failed. If I succeeded I wouldn’t have all
    these bills. I am considered very low income for where I live; yet just over the line for financial assistance. Fuck America.

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