what do you hate people saying?

what do you hate people saying?

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  1. “It’s always the last place you look”

    Of course it’s the last place you look because it’s not as if you’re going to continue looking after you find it.

  2. “Everything happens for a reason.”

    Well, maybe I don’t like the underlying reason, or I think that reason isn’t good enough for whatever evil it is that you want to whitewash. A kid dies of leukemia ‘everything happens for a reason.’ It trivializes the good and the bad without prompting anybody to do anything about it.

  3. I loathe being called pet names by anyone, but especially by people I don’t know. Most of them are infantilizing, food based, or don’t describe me at all. Don’t call me sweetie. I’m not sweet. Get to know me & you’ll learn I’m actually quite bitter.

  4. Can’t I get a discount cuz I am your (friend/family)

    Fuck no! I worked hard to get the skills I have! A person that cares about me would want to pay full price cuz they know I’m worth it (which is why people who say it aren’t really your friend)

  5. “SOOOO, are you a girl or boy?” Bitch… can’t a short haired girl eat her junk food in peace without having to hear this

    “Trust me, you’ll like kids when you’re older” FUCK NO

    “It’s just a prank bro” OH YEA SO I KICK YOUR BALLS IN IS THAT A PRANK?!


    “You’re bi? Ha, don’t try hitting on me since I’m straight” BITCH IM BI NOT DESPERATE, GTFO WITH THAT SHIT

    “Ew you’re eating hot dogs? Don’t you know what’s in that” YES I FUCKING DO, BUT I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR MYSELF SO LET ME EAT IN PEACE

  6. People who use ___ and I all the time, even whe it should be ___ and me. And worst of all is when I see people write I’s, like “They came over to Mom and I’s house” instead of “They came over to Mom’s and my house”

  7. When people say male privilege is a thing yet men are completely fucked by the system in court even if the woman is an incompetent hoe and mistreats her children just because she has a vagina she gets the custody and get shit tons of money she probably wastes on herself instead of her children ugh there i said it screw the cunt system.

  8. my personal list:

    “you finally came out of your room”
    “she won’t have kids, her pain tolerance is so low”
    “how are you doing on money?”
    “all she does is play video games”

  9. When someone “thanks god” for a successful surgery or recovery. It discredits the doctors and surgeons who worked hard to help the patient and thanks a mythical being… also “thoughts and prayers.”

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