What do you have for home defense?

What do you have for home defense?

What do you think?

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  1. Ruger 1022 with 4 25 round mags and three handguns. A machete. A baseball bat. 8 bb guns. Three knives. A harmless but loud dog. Pepper spray. Mess with me, zombies. I dare you.

  2. a door to which has a lock and the one as to whom holds the key to aforementioned door is me, should someone break into that door I shall call the number 9-9-9

  3. Feral rage, and many sharp pointy things. Assorted knives, a sword, a hatchet, a tomahawk, a machete, it’s a small apartment, close quarters. Side note, My hobby is wilderness survival, I’m not just some nutjob with sharp things.

  4. Guns as a deterrent, not as weapons. I don’t think I’d want to deal with the consequences of doing more than brandishing a gun at someone, even in my own house.

    I shoot paper plates.

  5. Two dogs that will let everyone know about that leaf a block away that moved just a little too quickly for their taste…

    A healthy baseball bat swing.

    A no-outlet neighborhood.

    Several cameras.

    Busy bodies that see everything before it even happens. They’ve gotten teenagers egging cars, they’ve caught people TPing houses, etc. Those old people with a lot of time on their hands don’t play around.

  6. I have a tomahawk and a surprisingly sharp scimitar under my bed. I kind of get excited at the idea of using it on a home intruder. But if they have a gun, yeah rip

  7. A very cheap sword that has trouble cutting through cardboard. It has a very sharp point though, and if I had to use it I’m hoping it will just scare away rather than actually harm someone.

    Really want a gun but I don’t have that kind of money laying around.

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