What do you miss most about the 90’s?

What do you miss most about the 90’s?

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  1. Lack of camera phones and cell phones in general. We used to just ride bikes to various places that we wanted to go to and we weren’t under a constant microscope. When we were stupid and childish, there wasn’t the risk of it ruining our entire lives because some dipshit recorded it and it went viral.

  2. The manners. The get togethers and the hanging around. People enjoyed spending time with other people, looking into each other’s faces , talking about anything and everything, even with frenemies.

    The almost immediate social validation you got when you displayed something that made you feel good/ proud, be that a cool jacket or good news.

    The moderate (balanced) sexiness in the sexy feminine outfits” Leave something to the imagination” said almost all the women I knew back then.

    The long phone calls.

    The outdoor dates.

    The old internet and the public libraries. I met my first love at the library, in the reading hall.

    What a glorious time to be a teen.

  3. Although they were around in the 2000s, video rental stores. Yes, obviously streaming services are way, way more convenient than going out to rent a movie, but I can’t really explain how cool it was going to one and picking out a movie or game to rent.

  4. The stupid music 😀 yaaayaaaye coco jumbo yaaayaaayeee 😀

    The economy… .people were everywhere in region, not it’s known as the “hunger valley” and everyone escaped abroad, the area is basically deserted now.

    The lake and camping site I went to…..the dam is currently down due to maintenance, the site, disco club, everything around it ceased to function……it was buzzing with life and my favorite place in the world, but now it’s dead.

    Family…….it has totally fallen apart….conspiracy theories, mlms….they weren’t accessible as they are now.

  5. I miss all the hype about the year 2000. The Y2K thing, the Mayan calendar, alien intervention, all the documentaries talking about Nostradamus, and the end of days in the early 21st century. So many great conspiracy theories came to an end when the ball dropped 😅

  6. The crazy raves and the positive, easy-going, authentic vibe there. People of any age and colour went to raves for the music, the fun and the positive vibes’ sake and not like today just to take a selfie to be able to post it online…

  7. Going into a record store on Tuesday or Thursday to browse / buy the new singles that came out – Tower Records, Newbury Comics, Tape World, Strawberries, Record Town whatever…those $0.99 casingles were the bomb.

  8. Hunter green as a popular home decor/fashion color. That color has all but disappeared from store shelves now, and I don’t like the offerings they have today. Hunter Green needs to make a comeback, and soon.

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