What do you miss the most from the 90s?

What do you miss the most from the 90s?

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  1. Ahhhh… my late teens/early 20s. I miss the lack of responsibility, my innocence, my health, my energy, my 1992 Mazda Protege, the Fresh Prince, TLC, and my care free attitude.

  2. Lack of cellphone and rarity of the internet. Without a phone you just left your house and disappeared into the ether. 90s internet had a nerdy vibe to it. Computers were expensive, internet was expensive, you gramma didn’t have it. So when you met people online they were bound to be other nerds. Now everyone is on Facebook and shit. Your crazy grandmother, your racist uncle, your neighborhood paedophile.

  3. The excitement, the possibility and the unknowing of where the Spice Girls were going to turn up next. If you weren’t there, you just wouldn’t get it!

  4. Music licensing not being such a huge deal as it became post Napster.

    A lot of 90s content has yet to be made digital or dvd simply because of the prohibitive cost of relicensing or otherwise altering the product with soundalikes

  5. I miss being a kid and being able to be care free and ignorant in a way. Not aware of all the bad things in the world. I love technology but there’s a lot of times where the digital world comes with a lot of negativity. Constantly being bombarded with depressing news going on in the world, it can be exhausting.

  6. The 80’s had the Cold war and the threat of Nuclear war hanging over it, and the 00’s had 9/11 and the threat of terrorism hanging over it.

    Looking back, the 90’s was this calm oasis sitting in the middle of two paranoid decades.

    Also, I was in my 20’s and had a full life.

  7. The energy I had. I mean, I was always tired, but back then it was because I was out partying all the time.

    I turned 21 in the late 90s, and had a kid, and became middle aged over night (I swear I’ve been 87 for the last decade).

    *Now* I’m tired all the time because I wore myself out when I was, like, 16, and *there is never enough sleep*.

  8. The feeling like we had time to fix the environment… the feeling like we were evolving as the human race towards our “Star Trek Future”… I was also a kid though…

    Oh the pre-9/11 world seems so rosy in hindsight

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