What do you regret not doing in your teens?

What do you regret not doing in your teens?

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  1. Getting into coding.

    I was a teenager when the year 2000 hit so if I got into coding back then I would have been in the hay-day for website/app development and I’d probably be a lot richer than I am now.

  2. Contrary to most of these posts I’m sure, but


    I always just winged it, my brain has always been “spongey” so I’d just listen and mostly remember.

    Rarely did homework, literally never studied.

  3. Reporting my parents and everyone around me.

    Speaking up and not wishing I was grown to get away.

    If someone is hurting your childhood, doesn’t matter if they’re your parents, say something.

  4. 2 chicks at the same time. They implied it was ok and I hooked up w both of them individually, but we were like openly discussing it and I was afraid of losing both so I picked 1.


  5. Most of my teens were spent trying to get relationships. Fuuuuck that. I should have been smashing ass left and right instead of wasting months of my time for a titty touch.

  6. Needed more video gaming and less awkward and unsatisfactory attempts at face to face interpersonal engagements. People just aren’t as snap-judgy when your appearance and vocal struggling aren’t instantly obvious to them. Your comportment becomes the thing for which you’re evaluated, and your useful value improves rather rapidly, unlike IRL which is the most grindy and frustrating POS I’ve ever played.

  7. My coworker Rob. I could have done him but I didn’t know he was serious until after the fact.

    Blond hair, blue eyes surfer vibe studying marine biology. He was so cute. Sigh…

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