What do you remember about growing up in the 1980s?

What do you remember about growing up in the 1980s?

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  1. I hade a huge crush on Winnie from Wonder Years. The Lakers and the Celtics played in the NBA finals every year. The 49ers won the Super bowl all the time and the fans were pretty obnoxious. Oh and the space shuttle was supposed to be a bus to space.

  2. The 80s seems to be remembered as a very brightly colored, neon decade, but I remember a whole lot of brown. Dark wood paneling, faux wood dashboards in (new) cars, dark carpets, brown TV sets (that were still the big-ass cabinet TVs for the most part).

  3. GI Joe, Thundercats, HeMan, Transformers, Lasertag, Commodore64, Saturday morning cartoons, and playing outside all day with friends in the neighborhood.

  4. Arcades. Lots of arcades. Joust, centipede, asteroids, and dragons lair…

    Big hair, metal, concert tees, trapper keeper album inserts!

    Schwinn bikes with mag wheels.

    D-Day TV series scarring the shit outta everyone.

    Empire strikes back and Return of the Jedi..

    Lowered mini trucks with bed speakers.

  5. When you didn’t know something you would go look it up in an encyclopedia (think wikipedia, but in books). If your parents didn’t have a set of encyclopedias (mine didn’t) you either had to go visit someone that did have a set, or get someone to take you to the public library and use theirs.

    The worst was when someone had gotten to the library before you, and taken the book for the letter you needed. Then you had to go to the next oldest set of encyclopedias the library had, and hope that the information hasn’t changed since that one was published.

    I remember trying to do a report on the moon landings once in the school library, and all the S encyclopedias had been grabbed by other people before I got there. I ended up having to switch to a report on the Gemini program, as the only set of encyclopedias that was left was from before the moon landing.

  6. The Muppet Show and Scooby doo were my two favs as kids.

    I remember collecting stickers in a sticker book.

    When someone had a birthday party,
    They had it at a Roller skating rink.

    People loved shopping malls and arcades

    We were outside unsupervised all day as kids,
    And didn’t have to be home until dinner.

    We watched shows like You Can’t Do That On Television. I would stay up and watch Cheers with my parents.

    Saturday Morning Cartoons

  7. We’d meet up at school, make plans to meet at someone’s house afterward, then hop on and off busses and eventually land at someone’s house.

    Our parents would see us coming in and would either make a big meal for everyone, or we’d hop on whatever busted-ass bikes (pegs were crucial for transportation)/skateboards were around and we’d go to the local party store and grab a slice for $1 and hang out there.

    If we slept at a friend’s house, we’d wake up, grab a quick waffle in the morning and hop on the bus and get to school.

  8. When you were riding your bike around the neighborhood looking for your friends and you couldn’t find them which meant you were missing out on something good and it made you want to throw up

  9. Being a latch key kid, playing outside til the street lights came on, MTV had actual music videos, ALF, fluorescent colors, stirrup pants, scrunched socks and big hair!

  10. I mean, a lot happened over 10 years. Started out with BMX bikes, arcades, going to the roller rink, parachute pants, and MTV.

    Then Rap and Hip Hop culture blew up worldwide, and there were teen dance nights at clubs and dedicated “juice bars” spinning House Music along with Top 40 dance hits.

    The end of the decade saw “independent” and what used to be considered “college radio” enter the mainstream with the birth of the term “Alternative”. By that time, bands like The Cure were filling American stadiums.

    Through it all, very little of it was filmed unless you had a video camera, if you wanted a private phone call you had to stretch the cord under your bedroom door, and there were damp porno mags available at any vacant wooded lot.

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