What do you see as the lowest form of humour?

What do you see as the lowest form of humour?

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  1. Self-deprecating humor is the worst. People who say things like “oh I’m such an idiot I did xyz” or “listen to how dumb I was the other day” is so obnoxious and never funny and just makes me feel bad that you think so low of yourself.

  2. Dick jokes. It’s hard to get worse than that but I guess there’s stiff competition but we will beat them all and throw it in your face.

  3. There are no high or low form of humor, only funny or not funny.

    And it’s subjective as hell. Something you personally find not funny could be funny to others.

  4. Stupid faces. Lele pons, lily Singh, Amy schumer all make them (not calling out specifically women comdians, just the only names I can think of rn) all do stupid funking faces for comedy and it just seems like they never learnt the different between making a toddler laugh vs someone with a functioning brain

  5. puns is an obvious first, but I particularly dislike self deprecating humor. I find it cheap and usually I find it to be the opposite of how the comic actually feels about themselves.

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