What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

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  1. Sometimes I have moments when I think of humans in general and how far we’ve come as a species. So many things we take for granted. Also, I wonder how long after my death will it be until I’m completely forgotten? Do you know your grandparents’ parents? How about their parents? Exactly, it’s like they never existed if there are no pictures or stories. That kinda creeps me out.

  2. I feel like I’m trying to min-max my life like there is a “right” way to live. Ultimately I just want to remain healthy and spend my time doing things I enjoy, but the pull and stimuli of the media is overwhelming and digs deep into the psyche. There is a guide on pretty much how to do anything and everything, and if you do something different than the way someone else does something, the internet provides unlimited criticism. I’ve mitigated a lot of the issue but I do think of it quite a bit.

  3. Things that I have but don’t want and things that I don’t have but want. I’ll elaborate further

    Things I have but don’t want:
    – Anxiety
    – ADHD
    – Low self-esteem and not much motivation
    – I don’t think I’m that pretty and my voice sounds horrible when recorded

    Things I don’t have but want:
    – Friends (especially ones who care about me and are interested in the same things as me and what I have to say
    – Hope
    – Confidence in my own abilities
    – A good gaming set up (great PC, nice monitor, and a decent keyboard and mouse)
    – A job that I find interesting and that I’m comfortable with

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