What do you think about mandating COVID-19 vaccines for the whole country?

What do you think about mandating COVID-19 vaccines for the whole country?

What do you think?

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  1. I find it amusing that this is such a hot topic. Mandated vaccines have been around hor hundreds of years. This is simply the first outbreak in recent history that demonstrates a need.

    There have been plenty of examples where government controlled vaccines saved populations. Polio, Small Pox, Tetanus, Mumps, Diptheria, Measles, etc…

    Without those mandated vaccines, the entire world would be entirely different today.

  2. Which country? Which vaccine?

    On the face of it, I’d be against it, given that such a mandate would require a given vaccine to be safe for all people. That is simply not how medicine works.

    Discarding reason for some extremist position isn’t any better than denying clear evidence.

  3. I dont think its right to force your beliefs on others. I got the vaccine, but I dont want to take personal health decisions away from the public. Just because democrats are in charge right now, doesn’t mean they always will be, and I dont want my health choices to be determined by who won an election by 51%. I feel the same way about abortion, it shouldn’t be up to the government to decide.

  4. No.

    Why? Because it is not the government’s job to mandate what is and isn’t healthy. I can already hear the snickering about “what about abortion there Mister Conservative?!?” What about it? I’m not a machine so you claiming hypocrisy is an issue with your understanding of how being a human being works. The feds have the power to ***promote*** the general welfare, not mandate it.

  5. I am against it. While I believe that, with exceptions for those with a medical condition, it would be a good way to tackle the virus. It would set a dangerous precedent. In a democracy, people have the right to make bad decisions.

  6. I wouldn’t support it. People might have medical conditions that wouldn’t allow them to get the vaccine yet. It’s all about choices. I got it because I want to be able to go to school without worrying about catching the virus

  7. Pro vaccines and that’s a hella stupid idea. There will be unfortunate deaths but realistically so long as the majority of people are safe they can risk their own lives and we protect ourselves against them and have life be difficult as is.

    We should be very concerned with centralized publication of medical records. That invasion of privacy won’t stop at public protection.

    I get that anti vax people are fearful and dumb, and it’s endlessly frustrating that they exist and cause problems for everyone, but don’t let that be a gateway into privacy invasion.

  8. Nope.

    Pro Vaccine, anti-medical mandates.

    My employer has decided for me that i will get the jab. Not completely against the vaccine, but against being forced to against my will. That is bullshit.

  9. Which country? Some countries dont have protections for such things as bodily autonomy, freedom of choice…heck, some of them dont even have freedom of speech against the govt.

    Ultimately it would be nice if everyone in the world did thier best to not harm anyone else but to achieve that we would have to harm a lot of people.

  10. The trouble is some doofuses are going to refuse. What do you do with them? Shoot them? Put them in concentration camps? Forcibly vaccinate people who arm themselves to resist? What about their kids? I hate how the whole country is being crippled by the actions of the selfish and ignorant, but I am not ready to start a civil war over it.

  11. Do it. The people who genuinely can’t have the vaccine for legit medical reasons are probably the same people who are very high risk and will die if they catch covid.
    The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting it but it does prevent you from being really ill and needing to go to hospital, freeing up beds and allowing more people to have surgeries again.
    Immunocompromised people rely on us to help protect them against a virus that could very easily kill them

  12. I’m not going to weigh in on what I think personally but I do find it odd that some people use the “personal freedom” argument but yet you don’t hear them getting on their soapbox about protesting things like speed limits and other traffic laws. Doesn’t this violate your personal freedom?

  13. I’m not in favor of a national vaccine mandate, but I am in favor of not allowing unvaccinated people to put others at increased risk. I am therefore in favor of a national vaccination identification program that public and private entities can use to better enact “proof of vaccination” as a requirement for entry.

  14. I wholeheartedly approve, given so many people have shown they prefer to be CUSTOMERS rather than citizens of a society. Those people seem to have forgotten, “united we stand, divided we fall”, and those divisive, anti-science-slash-crying-tyranny people unwilling to either a) get vaccinated or b) completely isolate themselves if they choose not to vaccinate, are selfishly prolonging this nightmare.

    As an individual citizen of this country, I can only do my part, and can’t force anyone to do anything; that’s supposed to be a function of government, if and when called for.

    It’s regrettable that so many selfish, privileged, milquetoast people who consider racks of participation trophies they got in school as testimony to persisting despite what they think are “adverse” circumstances can’t have the vision and sense of duty to do what they can to stem the spread and, more importantly, the mutation of COVID19.

    COVIDIOTS who continue to refuse to vaccinate or do the trivially simple, stupid easy task of masking up when among others in public, at this point I celebrate their passing from this virus. They’ve helped prolong this nightmare for *all* of us, and deserve their fate for their selfishness and ignorance.

    My sympathy is long gone. My MAGA, “Democrat hoax” believing mother died (influenced in part by so-called “conservative” right wing radio shock jocks, whose passing I celebrate and dearly hope for daily) used the pandemic as a reason to basically commit suicide. My wife’s colleague whom she interned at her office and left behind a wife and three kids when he succumbed to COVID19 disease was a truly decent man and exemplified my vision of a true Christian. A friend of mine continues to suffer with lingering “long COVID” aftereffects.

    These, and far too many more cases, could not and should not have happened, but here we are, thanks in part to people simply unwilling to contribute to the greater good in very simple ways.

    And don’t start trying to tell me the vaccine was fast tracked and therefore unsafe. Detach yourself, if you think this, from the Hollywood illusion that science IRL is perfect; it’s not. It’s trial and error, and while those scientists (who, so-called Christians, have God-given brains as you claim to have, though that is increasingly doubtful) may be doing their best and having their peers check their work, the human body is complicated and tragedy can strike as a result.

    Is that to be an excuse not to press on and do our best to fight the virus and eliminate it as smallpox vaccines did so successfully for the people of the world? Is that how you pay back a nation whose infrastructure (funded by countless taxpayers over decades who had no qualms about contributing to the greater good, arguably unfairly in some cases but nevertheless giving part of themselves for everyone else) helped you prosper??

    If you think so, get off your deplorable high horse, go home, and rethink your wretched, spoiled life.


    **EDIT**: Those who downvote and are too cowardly to share their point of view can kick off with the rest of the worthless, selfish people I describe. Get lost, or better yet, **DIE**. You don’t deserve the benefit of the taxes my work earns, petulant little snowflakes.

  15. If the government wants everyone to get the needle then they need to give out a HUGE financial bonus for doing so. Maybe a huge tax break, stimulus, some type of bribe since that’s how America works.

  16. ALL vaccines should be mandatory except for those with legitimate medical reasons. No REAL religion forbids vaccines. And anti-vaxxers are nothing more than necrophilic pedophiles.

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