What do you think about mandatory fitness classes in American high schools to reduce obesity?

What do you think about mandatory fitness classes in American high schools to reduce obesity?

What do you think?

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  1. I thought gym class was mandatory in public schools here? It was for me. In any event, health is a lifestyle that has to start at home and be endorsed by parental figures.

  2. Not just fitness but classes on eating and cooking healthy food. Obesity isn’t just about fitness, it is about eating healthy with portion control. Most students can’t cook their own food.

  3. I had mandatory PE in school and it did nothing to instill fitness or the love of exercise in my life. I’m one of those people that suck at sports, picked last for every team, went out for drama and choir instead. I workout because I have to for my health, not because I like it.
    Forcing people to do things they don’t like and are bad at very rarely works.
    Teach better nutrition and healthy eating and you may see better results.

  4. We already have those bro. It’s called P.E. and it doesn’t work because the way that they try to grade it is stupid. Like where do you think that the whole “Fitness Gram Pacer Test” came from?

  5. Even as a very fit kid, I found phys Ed absolutely miserable in school. You really couldn’t have designed something more likely to put me off exercise for life. (I still do lots of exercise, but despite school rather than because of it).

  6. Gym. Actually can’t reduce obesity from school. It has more to do with McDonald’s dollar menu and availability vs. fresh food cost and availability in some areas.

  7. I’d rather see them serve whole foods for kids at lunch rather than argue that a packet of ketchup counts as a “vegetable.”

    The problem with American obesity is that it is driven by the inordinate amount of sugar in manufactured foods, which are heavily advertised, and the prevalence of wheat and corn products stripped of their nutrients and served as cardboard covered in sugar and salt. /end rant

  8. Back when I had mandatory P.E. It was nothing more than an organized opportunity for bullying, both by the jocks and the teachers who were nothing more than bullies who had physically grown up. I hated it, and it should be outlawed.

  9. There’s no way fitness classes – which could be taught twice per week at the most, given the number of subjects students need to study – can undo damage caused by unhealthy habits learned and reinforced at home, like being sedentary and overeating.

  10. This used to be called “Gym”. Three times a week you went to gym class and moved your body around in whatever sportactivity the gym teacher was showing you that week. They basically cut these out because of the budget, and then act surprised when kids promptly got fatter🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. I’m against mandatory anything, you’re not doin’ these people any good. You’re making them hate exercise and fitness. They will never do it after the class is over, because forcing things doesn’t change the root of the behavior and why some one avoided it to begin with

  12. They need this for sure.

    Exercising hard is the reason I feel like the happiest person on earth. It’s just people who don’t do it never get to learn how good it makes you feel

  13. There’s a lot to be said about “leading a horse t water”.

    But if the past 60 years has taught us anything; media from TV to Facebook can and does undo a lot of good work.

  14. Semi-related story

    When I was a senior in high school I got a letter that I’d won an academic award, so my parents and I go to the award ceremony. The girl I was taking to prom won like five awards for various classes, and when I got called up it was for gym class. Felt a little embarrassed but I wasn’t a jock, so it did feel nice on a certain level.

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