What do you think about society normalizing obesity as “body positivity”?

What do you think about society normalizing obesity as “body positivity”?

What do you think?

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  1. A body positive obese woman is no different from a body positive anorexic. They’re both delusional to think a body outside the healthy standards is ok to keep instead of doing changes to their life that’ll lead to a healthier body.

  2. I think it’s misguided. Body positivity was meant for those without model bodies, but are still healthy, to be happy and content with themselves. Promoting obesity wasn’t part of the initial movement.

  3. I hate it. I am fat/obesed myself. I have 50 kilo’s overweight

    And stores that sell plussize clothes have texts like “Love your curves” You sell clothes from size 46 to 58 (US 16 to 24) I am size 50/52 Those are not curves any more. Stop promoting it.

  4. I’m obese, and it’s extremely unhealthy. A prime example of toxic positivity. I’m not saying we should shame people… But applauding them is a complete fuck-no.

  5. In my personal opinion, as an obese person myself I say glorify being happy but at the same time consider the health risks. I’m losing weight not because I wish to look like John Cena or Mark Wahlberg or The Rock or Jason Statham by tomorrow, I honestly couldn’t care less about the cosmetic side of it I’m just doing it because of the health risks it comes with down the line.

  6. I hate it. Obesity is bad for anyone, no matter how you look at it. Normalizing it basically means people are trying to normalise a disease. I think stuff like this is happening so fast food industries can get fill their pockets.

  7. It shouldn’t be normalized and praised. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, but love yourself enough to want to improve. We wouldn’t put a 40lb anorexic woman on the cover of magazines saying how brave she is- no she’d be sent to a doctor for help. Tip the scales the result should be the same.

  8. I think the prejudice against obesity is bad and doesn’t help people lose weight…

    Obesity is not healthy, but a lot of stuff aren’t and don’t get near the hate the obese people receive…I think knowing obese is not healthy shouldn’t be opposite to the idea that obese people can feel pretty.

  9. Toxic and dangerous. While I don’t feel that fat people should be stigmatised for being over weight, because that’s just a shitty way to treat people, that’s very different to glorifying being overweight. it feels like that is where the movement has ended up. It’s one thing to not hate on your body while still trying to be as healthy as possible but it’s another thing entirely to say that you can be healthy at any size. I recently lost 40lb and I overweight but not obese but the difference I felt in my joints, in how much less I became out of breath, was, quite frankly, scary. At 40”lb heavier I was not healthy by anyones stretch of the imagination. Add 100lb and I doubt I’d have been able to walk. I also loved (/S) all the rhetoric that said I was fat phobic and brainwashed for wanting to lose weight when really I just didn’t want to get diabetes or shorten my lifespan due to weight related co morbidities. But same same, right?

  10. If it’s an unhealthy weight it shouldn’t be normized.

    The problem is the food industry needs to be regulated on how much sugar they can add and fast food chains need to readjust portion sizes.

    However, the federal goverment regulating food consumption will never become a popular idea

  11. I think Obesity is something to be addressed by the Doctor/Patient relationship not the general public in AITA situations. There are a lot or reasons for obesity. Some of those reasons are laziness I am not disagreeing with ya all on that. As someone that has been on both sides of this also with friends and family that sit on the medical side of this I can say Mental Health is a factor in not losing weight. Negative “encouragement” does not equal a positive outcome as often as some people think. Frankly your only justifying being cruel and disgusting to others so you don’t have to take responsibility for yourself. Don’t confuse body positivity with them ignoring health issues.

  12. obesity should not be promoted as a good thing, but shaming people who make poor choices that don’t directly affect others is not helpful. that being said, there should be a distinction made between “body positivity” related to factors that are not controllable (physical handicaps, height, etc) and those that are, like weight.

  13. In the US, more people are obese than are a healthy weight. It’s “normal” whether you like it or not. It’s not being “normalised” by not treating obese people like dirt, it’s being normalised by the fact it’s increasingly normal.

  14. I think it’s stupid, but overall I don’t care. And as a normal weight person, I also see it as an advantage if more people around me end up aging faster, having shorter lifespans and being more prone to diseases. I have already noticed an uptick in fat people in my area, especially kids/teens and young adults.

  15. Worst thing that can happen to a overweight person, i was overweight myself and bodyshaming was the reason i changed for better. Bodyshaming in case of overweight is the best thing that can happen zo you because thesr people care more about your health than yourself

  16. I feel like people who can’t achieve true self-love have perverted the concept to include themselves. They’ve turned it into an excuse, rather than a motivator to take care of yourself like it should have been.

    That said, we have to remember the cases where people do take care of themselves but their weight is out of their control. In those cases, of course they should embrace however their bodies are.

  17. I think it’s important with body positivity if only to let people feel that they’re not less worth because they’re of an unhealthy weight. That said, you cannot escape the unquestionable fact that it *is* unhealthy. You just have to acknowledge that, and let the message be “Yeah, you’re an unhealthy weight and that’s not ideal, but that does not make you a bad person or less deserving of love”.

  18. It’s not really a black and white situation. On hand yes, obesity should never be seen as a good thing, and encouraging people to lose weight can be a good thing. On the other hand, being a dick to someone because of their weight isn’t going to help them lose it.

    Best thing to do honestly is just be respectful. If someone’s trying to lose weight that’s great and you should encourage them, but if they aren’t interested in doing that then just don’t mention it.

  19. I don’t really care. I genuinely can’t think of any explanation for why most people realistically would other then them just not liking fat people. I roll my eyes whenever I see people feigning concern about fat people’s health because we both know they don’t actually give a fuck about the health of the general public, they just think fat people look gross. Most people eat like shit and don’t care all that much about their health until shit gets serious, it’s only an issue that needs to be addressed when those people just so happen to be fat.

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