What do you think happens when you die?

What do you think happens when you die?

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been under general anaesthesia for surgery. I think being dead is exactly like that; No feeling of time passing, complete nothingness.

  2. Personally, I think nothing happens. The living people that knew you remember you but eventually continue on with their lives. I think its about the same as being unborn. Its just nothing.

  3. You high five all the Demons that “helped” you develop into what you are.

    Yeah, they’re Evil. But they were made to be so.

    No hard feelings man.

  4. I get a would you like to reincarnated now prompt followed by a questionnaire of possible options available to be and possibly a cheat ability that’s basically useless most likely similar to you can fold clothes like the flash. Except your new world is a nudist colony, fucking useless… unlucky in that world also I guess.

  5. Like being asleep, you just aren’t concious anymore. You return to the source you came from.

    Many google years pass, until your conciousness pops into existence in the black void of an empty universe, and scream in agony, dying again. Or maybe your conciousness is part of the fabric of some indescribable void. This happens who knows how many times in innumerable ways until a new universe is formed.

    Maybe a big bang pops into existence. Maybe a singularity in some black hole in a five dimensional universe spawns it. Seems to me it’s a new universe entirely with different universal constants and different laws of physics. Or maybe a stable universe is rare and it would be close to this one. Regardless of what it is your conciousness randomly coalesces into whatever it can inhabit in that universe.

    It all happens again and again, until you end up in a universe remarkably similar to this one. Or not. Overall, though it seems like death is as natural as birth, so I’m down for whatever, even if it sucks for awhile.

  6. I think there are two possible scenarios.

    One. You’re free to roam the earth as a spirit. I would personally like this one since I would be able to explore areas I can look at from a screen.

    Two. You relive your life. That’s why you have moments that feel like a deja vu. You’re destined to relive your life over and over until you discover enlightenment.

  7. I have 3 theories.

    1) You go to heaven/hell on a long journey or just stay at Earth as a ghost

    2) The moment you die, you open your eyes as any newborn animal plant or human without a single memory of your past life other than a few exceptions

    3) It’s complete darkness for eternity. You do not move, do not see, do not hear, do not talk.

  8. I feel you wake up in those confusing/weird dreams. Reality in the dreams make no sense what so ever and it’s really trippy…that’s what I think will happen when im dead.

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