What do you think of men who wear makeup?

What do you think of men who wear makeup?

What do you think?

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  1. Maybe we could just mind our business when it comes to people’s harmless personal habits? Dude wants to wear makeup, that’s his call! Generally do a damn good job of it too, so there’s that.

  2. Sometimes I wear makeup lightly to cover up a pimple and it makes me feel a lot more confident. I actually think it should be much more recognized by men and not specified as gay.

    Edit: Why should only women be allowed to wear it?

  3. Sometimes they’re really pretty and I like pretty men but I also don’t care if they don’t wear makeup but still men are pretty final verdict

  4. Women wear makeup because it dramatically raises their confidence and make them feel attractive. I really don’t see why this shouldn’t apply to men as well…. Traditional thinking sucks, human construct sucks and culture definitely isn’t helping anything

  5. I’m all about less makeup in general. I wish girls didn’t feel the need to have to plaster and contour their faces till they look like a whole new person. And I wish guys didn’t start using makeup because I fear we will develop the same need for it.

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