What do you think of the movie Matilda?

What do you think of the movie Matilda?

What do you think?

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  1. Matilda (1996) is one of the best family films ever made. It’s witty, beautifully acted, well shot, and equal parts dark and hopeful, enough to appeal to older audiences as well as kids.

    And ummm why so serious?

  2. I love the book and movie, but it represents something much, much darker than surface level:

    Its a metaphor for childerns experiences in abusive households. Think about it: matilda was abused, ms honey was abused, and so was ms trunchbull. Trunchbull cant remember being a child, a sign of abuse. She turned into the abuser with ms honey and all the students she taught as headmistress (a common trait of abused children). Ms honey tried everything she could to get matilda out of her terrible position. Matilda’s powers were figments of her imagination and acted as coping mechanisms for her to feel special, wanted and needed. These are all traits of abused children, it all fits perfectly. But hey, It’s just a theory

  3. That Danny Devito can pull of a scumbag better than just about anyone on the planet. And that everyone in that universe is strangely ok with a principle that looks like she literally eats children like I eat chicken wings. Great movie!

  4. Not many movies do justice to the books that they are based on, but Matilda is a classic.

    I can never look at chocolate cake without picturing someone double fisting cake into their mouth.

  5. I loved it. Always wished, I had powers when I was kid. He’ll half the time, still wish I did as an adult. I know for sure it would freak my neighbors out, if I had telekinesis. If they want to make noise, let me help them with that.😈

    Have all their stuff flying around above their heads. Or even just for giggles, just have it floating in the air for hours. Where they can’t reach it. Or even better yet, start randomly moving their stuff on them. Like they be looking for keys, not in their usual place. Some how wound up, up under the couch. And not in a easy to reach spot, would have to move it all the way out the way, lol.

  6. I like it. I used to dislike it as it wasn’t like the book but now I appreciate it for what it is.

    The funny thing is I watched it quite a lot wen I was younger but after a 20+ year gap I recently rewatched it and I realise now why Mr. Wormwood is so annoyed at the hospital bill. When I was little I couldn’t understand why he went private if he was only going to complain about the bill, as a n adult I now know the US doesn’t have the NHS so people have to pay for basic medical care.
    It’s a scene that’s not in the book as it’s from 1988 so the NHS was already 40 years old and firmly established and as a British child from 1986 I was unaware that the NHS wasn’t something that had been around forever.

  7. I love it. I used to rent it from brolums (local grocery chain) all the time with my grandma. Had it on vhs and now own it on dvd. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it. But I haven’t seen it in a little over a year now. As it holds such a strong memory of my grandma; same with lilo and stitch too.

    And before anyone wonders I’m 25. So not that old, but I do remember going to block buster

  8. Matilda is the second best feature length adaptation of Roald Dahl’s books.
    The first is The BFG (1989).
    I am judging them based on how accurate they are in plot and tone.

  9. I have a sister a few years younger than me, and Matilda was her favorite movie as a toddler. I’ve probably seen it 100 times. I loved it then and I love it now. Makes me nostalgic and Danny Devito is a national treasure.

  10. The original concept of Matilda was amazing. An all black girl was put into a traditional all-boy prep school and given a magic book which turns her into a boy and a new life. But the movie changed that.

    Instead, the movie turned her into a straight-A student. The book was just a way for her to achieve all her goals. This made me feel sorry for Matilda, and I wished she could have stayed as her true self.

  11. About a year after that movie came out, I spent a few months commuting to NYC by bus, several times a week. This bus line would show movies, but, sadly, did not have an extensive library. *Matilda* was one of their few titles, and I wound up seeing that flick 4, 5, 6 times a week. Even with Walkman headphones worn , the movie would creep in. For a long time after, just hearing the word “Matilda” would make me tense up.

    Goddamn it. That was almost 25 years ago, and I’m pissed about it all over again.

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