What do you think of when you hear “Florida”?

What do you think of when you hear “Florida”?

What do you think?

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  1. Phenomenal natural beauty, an immense history of empire and struggle, and way too many people.


    * Spaceships.
    * Alligators.
    * Rice and beans.
    * South Beach.
    * Hurricanes.
    * Orange groves.
    * The Daytona 500.
    * Cuban sandwiches.
    * Sugar cane.
    * Hanging chads.
    * Pirates.
    * Skunk apes.
    * Disney.
    * Swamp cabbage.
    * Cigars.
    * Key West.

  2. I don’t think people realize how diverse of a state Florida is. It’s wild. It goes from Deep South to Another Borough of NYC to Margaritaville to Disney World. I’ve lived here for a long time. I dislike most of Florida, but it’s definitely an interesting place.

    But to answer your question…..home

  3. The sports teams. South Beach and the beaches in general, and all the stuff that comes with that like models, etc. Palm trees. Hurricanes. Swamps and Gators in the Everglades. Disney. Miami Vice. Cartel money and Cocaine banks.

    Also, mental illness and “florida man”, face tats, swamp trash, rowdy party animals. All that good stuff too.

  4. A normal state with a really good economy. Vacation destination as well.


    Gets a bad name because of its public information laws that other states do not have. So other states like NY, CA, TX, OR etc likely have crazier people but its not in the news

  5. Hell.

    I’m from there. From the part that’s the Deeeeep South still. I’m also gay and was raised in New England.

    Florida is awful. Run by morons. Way too hot. People seem to live in this weird bubble where the world doesn’t really matter and it’s just a matter of opinion that there are problems in the world. The joke in Rick and Morty where the Party Cat says he wants to go to Florida because people don’t ask questions there is the realest shit in the world.

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