what do you think of women making the first move?

what do you think of women making the first move?

What do you think?

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  1. Great stuff. My happiest relationship started like this – because to me she was way out of my league, and I never would have made the move myself !

  2. As much as I always imagined how great it would be it still always scared me a little bit to the point where I thought they were going to try and rob me. Which isn’t unreasonable to assume.

  3. I think a lot of guys appreciate it. Sometimes we’re also scared to make the first move you know. Plus some of us aren’t that great in picking up hints at whether a a woman likes us or not.

  4. I think it’s perfectly fine. As long as that doesn’t become the rule. Really, anyone should be free to make that first move if they want to do so.

  5. This is excellent because nowadays they say “I stay traditional by not doing anything” when in reality they were never traditional they always were traditional they would drop a handkerchief on the floor and wait for the guy to pick it up then when he finally comes they continue small talk so in reality men were always the ones to make the first move if a woman did not like your first move they cut you off right then and there men are accepting quick and aren’t usually picky

  6. If we are going to have equality, it’s a must. Women must strive to be equals in every way they can be. This also means that society must stop having a negative reaction to women who make the first move. More specifically, the acceptance that women have sexual desires, that this is absolutely normal and does not make them sluts.

    I personally love it when my wife makes the first move. It puts me on top of the world. That’s because I see it as a sign of her attraction to me and not her attraction to men in general.

  7. 99% of all my past relationships wouldn’t have existed if they didn’t, so I’m grateful… mostly. In a way I was just doing my bit for equality. It’s not easy being this shy. You’re welcome, society.

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