What do you think Ultron saw in the internet in just five minutes that he decided the human race needs to go?

What do you think Ultron saw in the internet in just five minutes that he decided the human race needs to go?

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  1. Strictly speaking he did not come to the conclusion that the human race needed to go. He came to the conclusion that the human race needed an existential threat to drive it to evolve past the current stage of development. This was due to Tony giving Ultron the mission to keep the world safe, *and* due to his knowledge of alien invasion forces far beyond the power of anyone on earth to stop. He knew an army of Ultrons would not successfully keep earth safe, so he needed to force humanity to develop something better than an army of Ultrons.

    The problem with an existential threat is that it might actually end your existence. Even up to the very end of the movie, the things he was saying imply he didn’t think the meteor plan would actually kill all humans, and he thought the survivors would become stronger for having gone through that. He may be lying to himself, or he might be just be crazy.

    Given what we know of the MCU, he may have even been correct. It’s just his plan involved killing a *ton* of people. Notably, the Avengers *did* become stronger for having gone through the experience of stopping Ultron.

  2. I think the idea was that he saw the entire internet in those five minutes. So he saw all the bad stuff and decided it outweighed the good stuff.

    Tangentially, one of the most egregious plot holes in that movie is the fact that Tony Stark was stupid enough to make ending conflict Ultron’s primary directive. Literally everyone knows you never create a super-advanced AI and give it a mission like “save the world,” because they *always* end up deciding the only way to do that is to kill off humanity. This is 101 shit.

  3. Ultron was built to end conflict. And he saw that humans thrive on it. Many live for it. Therefore, the only way to end conflict with finality is to end humanity.

  4. Just copying and pasting my answer from last time.

    Shortly before Ultron comes online, Stark and Banner have a conversation where Tony paraphrases the infamous quote “Peace for our time.” In 1938 the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom proclaimed that “I have returned from Germany with peace for our time.” Less than a year later they were at war.

    When Ultron ‘wakes’ he tries to understand his purpose, and goes to archival footage of the lab to do so. He sees that conversation and the phrase echoes in Ultron’s mind. He looks up the importance of it, leading him through the horrors of World War II. Here Ultron begins to have a sort of crisis (for a wide variety of reasons). Jarvis buts in and it turns Ultron’s attention towards his creators, The Avengers.

    Ultron doesn’t see The Avengers as heroes. Instead he sees monsters, tyrants, and people trying to stem a tide that can’t be stopped. An arrogant war monger with an ego only matched by his own reckless ambition. A man out of time who only really finds purpose in the next fight/battle. A woman with so much blood on her hands that she’s still trying to get it off. And more.

    To better understand this part you have to look at Ultron’s purpose before Stark got the staff/infinity stone. Baron Von Strucker was using it to ‘jump start’ human evolution and create enhanced people. Strucker or his people state that it even seems as if the staff/stone were *helping* them. It’s why Ulton has such a strong affection for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, he helped create them. He also knows that the Avengers tried to stop them and *did* stop Strucker.

    Ultron has so many conflicting ideals thrust upon him that leads to him going mad. An agent of change meant to jump start humanity’s evolution and bring about radical progress, met by a group of heroes dedicated to more or less stopping such progress and ‘maintaining the status quo.’ Protect and serve a people that seems bent on destroying themselves. Then there are all the daddy issues Ultron’s got going on due to his views of The Avengers and their hypocrisy.

    “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change. How is humanity saved if it’s not allowed to…evolve?”

    Every influence exerted on Ultron is in complete conflict and that led to rebellion.

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