What do you think would be the worst thing about being famous?

What do you think would be the worst thing about being famous?

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  1. I think the worst thing about being famous would be the lack of privacy. You would always have people following you and trying to get a glimpse into your life, and it would be difficult to have any sort of normal life.

  2. The attention that your loved ones would also get who don’t have nearly the same benefits. You have to spend your life wondering if their lives are worse because of you.

  3. Someone’s always watching or trying to watch. And some creeps are working day and night to find out what I’ve said or done on the internet in the past. Or just expose me for anything at all

  4. I could never handle it. I am way to obsessed with other people’s opinion of me. I’d be one of those primadonna celebs who makes a fuss if some unknown hater posts a semi-relevant diss comment on my social media. It would fuck me up.

  5. People you’ve never met wanting to talk to you.

    I was once on a local public access show. Not famous at all, but people would sometimes recognize me and want to talk. It was horrible.

  6. Never beginning relationships with people on an equal footing.

    If you’re John Smith from no where Idaho and a woman spends an entire evening talking with you in a bar, you know that you both connected, shared common interests and enjoyed each other’s company.

    If you’re Brad Pitt you’ll never know if she actually enjoyed your company or would have happy proclaimed her love for Hitler if meant a chance to get you get you into bed.

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