What do you want to get off your chest today?

What do you want to get off your chest today?

What do you think?


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  1. I’ve been really upset by a few comments made about that woman Alyssa Morales, who was set on fire and her face was burnt up. Most comments are normal and express sympathy, but there are a few that are joking at her expense (or dead serious because she “deserved it”) because she is struggling with an addiction.

    I struggle with substance abuse, and normally those comments don’t get to me, but I was just having a really shit day today and I was just not having that. I have a supportive family and I’ve been generally doing quite well despite some hospital visits and a trip to detox, but for some reason today I just felt an overwhelming sense of depression knowing that there are people out there who would also probably blame me if I were to ever be injured or killed because of substance abuse.

    I really have no idea why after all the fucked up shit I’ve read online that THIS one is the one that made me feel personally attacked when I wasn’t the one who was assaulted and I’m not in the hospital… Idk it just really took all the positivity I was trying to hang on to this morning and now I’m typing this.

  2. I plan on getting a tattoo but am very worried about what my parents would say if I came home with one behind their back. I know for a fact I could never go up to them and say I am getting one and they would be okay with it so I am very anxious. I meet with the tattoo artist tomorrow to discuss the details.

  3. It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow and I’m not getting her anything. I swore off gifts last year after my umpteenth time getting someone exactly what they wanted and then they just never use it and don’t seem that excited. We had this conversation already, but I don’t think she believed me entirely. But nope. No gift.

  4. I’ve shaved my chest, armpits, a portion of my legs, and trimmed my beard in an attempt to stay cool during the summer heat wave.

    …debated a skirt, but due to social stigma and facial structure, I am unable to.

    So instead, I bought ice cream bars.

  5. Last week of school and I talk with a guy who’s been in my French class all year. We are the same person, and we make jokes about being mentally connected. He came over to my house today even though we only really started talking on Monday, and went out to eat. He’s just so great, and I want to hold his face, don’t ask cause I don’t know either. Our first discord call was 11 hours long. Sadly he’s moving schools, and its bittersweet we became buddies at the last minute

  6. I enjoy my job but I’m getting tired of doing hard manual labor. I have to keep working cause the hubs and I have big plans to buy a house this year. Physically and mentally I’m tired.

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