What do you want to teach your son?

What do you want to teach your son?

What do you think?


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  1. How to provide for and lead a family of his own. How to defend himself and others. How to escape dangerous situation when the need arises. How to make friends and which people are really his friends. How to pursue things that make him happy instead of things that make him angry.

  2. Well this would go for both my kids if I had any but

    How to cook and clean
    How to defend yourself
    How to hunt (it’s a useful skill)

    And finaly

    How to be social

  3. How not to rape sounds woke and new age but it’s crucial for them to be taught consent and that their consent and the consent of others matters don’t fuck with people who don’t give clear enthusiastic yes you “miss out” but you are way safer and others are way safer

  4. How to be self sufficient. This can start young, having them bring their own plate to the sink or clothes to the laundry and can progress to them cleaning the plate and doing the laundry.

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