What does America do better than most other countries?

What does America do better than most other countries?

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  1. All of these bad comments though. Yes, I’m aware this country has its problems. But as a minority and 2nd generation immigrant this country is amazing as well. No country is perfect but I’m sooo glad I live here vs where my parents and grandparents came from.

  2. Interstate highway system that stays relatively consistent across the entire country, national park system (well-maintained, affordable, open to anyone). If youโ€™re in a major city you have access to almost any cuisine in the world. If you want to be an entrepreneur itโ€™s encouraged (tax incentives support this and there isnโ€™t a lot of red tape). Finally, freedom of speech (this is very much subject to debate), but compared to much of the rest of the world and how citizens in other countries feel about openly stating their opinion, Americans are much less concerned about legal/government ramifications.

  3. Military.
    As an European, thank you for repeatedly taking care of what we should have done.
    Also technology. You played huge part in making life as easy as it is now

  4. Funding the gun manufacturers?

    The USA does many things very well. And others it does not. I think the openness of people is great. The entrepreneurial spirit and the lack of fear of new and previously unachieved things.

  5. Export Culture

    Packaging global goods for mass consumption

    Design consumer products

    Fund science and research into cutting edge technology (often for war, but nonetheless)

  6. Breakfast. A full farmerโ€™s breakfast? I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m finding that anywhere but Midwestern US. We took crepes and stuffed them full of fruits and Nutella. We put chocolate chips in our waffles and pour syrup all over them.

  7. Most things. I’ll pick salaries, freedom of speech, public parks, government bureaucracy, anything related to convenience.

    You can easily find countries that do something better than the U.S.; but aggregated over the many, many things that are important – the U.S. really stands out. Maybe not the best at everything, but certainly the place where most things work most of the time (relative to all other places, not utopia).

    If you looked at life on planet earth like a video game, easy mode would be starting off in the United States in this century.

    Let me anticipate the inevitable reddit nonsense: of course America is far from perfect and we should continue to push for improvement; of course life is not a video game, I was using it as an example to show how fortunate we are to live in this country, of course you will find examples of a country doing something or maybe even 2-3 things better than America.

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