What does europe do better than the United States?

What does europe do better than the United States?

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  1. Healthcare, combatting and preventing serious crimes, food, education, public transport, workers rights, not indoctrinating our kids into worshipping a flag….and finally….Freedom. We have far more freedoms than you.

  2. Probably city-planning.

    A much better use of mixed zoning that creates cities better accessible to people, not just cars. Also means that cities are not just endless parking lots between highways.

  3. that’s a Gross simplification. You realize you are comparing a **continent** of *44 countries** to a singular country. Countries that are very old, and have long histories and varied politics, geographies l, histories, etc

    An continent that is HIGHLY diverse l, versus murica. Europe has Russia, it has uk, it has Spain, it has turkey, it has….. you see the point? Should I just keep listing countries

  4. Can’t compare a country to a continent 🙄 so I’ll start with Geography.

    As Europeans know they are part of a collective of countries that all vary

  5. Everything. From human right to social services to social benefits to how employees are treated, vacations time parenthood leave for both mother and father paid at 80%, sick leave independant of paid vacation, quality of life in general.

  6. Heatlhcare (in terms of access), portion sizes, politics (far, FAR less lobbying by the ultra rich), time off work, maternity and paternity leave, driving, road safety.

    Just off the top of my head

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