What does your high school bully do now?

What does your high school bully do now?

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  1. Dating a supermodel, being a supermodel making dumbass money.

    While im in my mamas basement in the dark feeling sorry for my broke ass for being broke and a loser!

  2. Prison. He works in prison, as an inmate.

    Multiple sexual offenses, drug charges, and a felony weapons conviction.

    He was convicted in 2007 and will be out in 2023.

  3. No HS bully, but I had one in Junior High for awhile. I had a speech impediment and the dude just constantly fucked with me about it. He’s a pretty good guy now, I see him from time to time and we also stop and talk. He owns a small business and is doing well for himself, I’m happy for him.

  4. Has a bunch of babies with multiple dudes, living in a trailer park. Is a ‘boss babe’ with an ‘online boutique’ selling cheap clothes from alibaba or something.

  5. He lives in LA living off his wife’s income. She’s some sort of fashion designer thing and he… well stays at home playing video games and no job. No they don’t have kids, thank God

  6. It’s been 35 years but he’s still a bully.

    He was in local media recently for organizing a bunch of tough guys to protect some kid who was being supposedly bullied. But in truth, he was just bullying the bully. The kid ended up being beat to a pulp by people motivated by my old bully’s social media posts.

  7. I didn’t have a specific bully, just various people who made fun of me for laughs. One of them is dead, thanks to his great idea of swimming fully clothed at night in a river known to be dangerous.

    I’m not saying he deserved to die, but I’m ok with it

  8. Not my bully per se but a mega douche from HS is now on the Dallas Stars.

    I learned young that life rewards those kinds of people. Thats when I resolved to only look out for myself.

  9. oooh i had a few.

    one was forever calling me gay because my mate was gay (my mate later comitted suicide), turns out he was gay himself and he fell off a cliff somewhere and died, shame…

    one in prison for drug related crimes,

    and another has about 10kids from 18 different fathers….

  10. Didn’t really have bullies in high school but the one douchey guy who was super popular so he could do what he wanted to the dorky people and no one did anything…. Wait that is a bully.

    Anyway, he’s a cop so that’s cool. 🙄

    The class bully from junior high is actually fairly successful and a really nice guy now.

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