What famous food in your country just isn’t done well anywhere else?

What famous food in your country just isn’t done well anywhere else?

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  1. As a Canadian it’s poutine. For such a simple dish I’ve never seen it done well anywhere outside of Canada, and I find that very strange. Anywhere I’ve been there’s always something very weird done to it, and I wanted to know what it’s like for other countries.

  2. Pretty much any Mexican food. Tacos are simple yet everyone messes em up.

    Even when nice restaurants try and do Mexican they get too fancy with it and just messes it up.

  3. UK – a bacon sandwich, sausages, sausage rolls, fish and chips

    I appreciate other countries, places etc may have them on their menu, but unless they do it UK style it just doesn’t come close

  4. I doubt you can even get shrimp and grits outside the US, and probably very few places outside the Southeast.

    Same with she-crab soup. Which is possibly the most delicious food that most people haven’t ever tried. There is nothing in the world like good she-crab soup!

  5. Australia (probably UK aswell) our bakerys, pies sauaages rolls, cakes tarts, loafs of break all baked fresh that morning by 60yo grandma who KNOWS her fkn shit hahah

  6. Maple syrup.

    The difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Bugatti Veyron is less pronounced than the jump from what most people buy and natural maple syrup.

    They’re not even tangentially similar.

  7. As a Vietnamese it is Phở, other countries just cannot compete with the flavour in my country, I would rate it about 5-6 out of 10. Bánh mì also have some good flavour and variation out there that can be acceptable

  8. Poutine, anywhere else than Quebec they’ll try to serve you some fancy French fries with elegant sauce and weird cheese that cost an arm.. No, it’s the damn fries with the bbq sauce from the grocery store and the squeak squeak cheese! Quit inventing variants, they taste like shit

  9. Brazilian BBQ, Texas de Brazil is full on shit and Fogo de Chão is far from what it used to be after it was bought by some huge corporations.

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