What famous person died too soon?

What famous person died too soon?

What do you think?

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  1. Betty White…hear me out.

    America’s treasure deserved 100 years.

    I wanna start a petition to officially recognize her as a centurion even if she didn’t get those last few days

  2. Someone already said it but Amy Winehouse – I barely even listen to her but she was so incredibly talented and could have brought so much more to the music scene with age

  3. Just adding to the already thoughtful list: Anthony Bourdain, Ron ‘PIgpen’ McKernan, Bob ‘motherfuckin’ Marley, Janice Joplin, Layne Staley, Keith Moon and John Bonham

  4. Adolf Hitler.

    Hear me out. He got the easy way out. Much better had the russians captured him and sent him to a gulag for rest of his days. Or any other number of punishments that he deserved.

  5. I’m going to say Paul Walker. He was a good person and ascending actor that didn’t cause drama. He died not overdose or suicide like other, he died by accident. But the truly painful thing about his death is that he was expecting a baby he never met.

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