what fictional character do you hate from the depth of your heart?

what fictional character do you hate from the depth of your heart?

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  1. Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist. If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, what he did was merge his dog and daughter together to create a being known as a Chimera. He also did the same thing to his wife and had no remorse doing it.


    Also Prime Minister Honest from Akame Ga Kill. The dude is a evil dictator willing to kill and torture anyone for any stupid reason and runs a corrupt government. Both of these guys can rot in hell.

  2. I cannot stand Cristina Yang from GA. One of the main reasons why I stopped watching GA was because I literally cannot stand this character. Cristina Yang is just cocky and arrogant and I cannot stand her position on children.

    Its like everytime this chick gets knocked up, she’s either upset about it or trying to abort the damn kid or something. Like dude just get on the pill.

  3. Joffrey Baratheon

    Which makes Jack Gleeson’s portrayal of him so breathtaking. At the time, I appreciated his performance so much and was so taken aback at how perfect he was in the role.

    It’s unfortunate the treatment he got from fans who cannot separate fiction from reality.

    Jack is a truly special talent

  4. Rey, from Star Wars, her whole concept was badly thought out and Finn would have made a much batter main character or would give some emotional punch if he died in episode 8

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