What game left a deep mark in you?

What game left a deep mark in you?

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  1. Dungeons & Dragons

    I never learned how to play correctly because the guy that taught me was kind of a dumbass, but we had some unbelievable games. The impact it had on my life cannot be understated.

  2. Fire Emblem: Engage. It made me hate my former favourite franchise I have so many fond memories with. This overly colorful and anime-ish style is far from my taste. I will skip this game and hope they’ll go back to the more serious style somewhen.

  3. Hollow knight. That game literally changed my perception on so many things in games. Difficulty, music, lore, the game twisted my brain upside down for the absolute best

  4. Final fantasy VIII and X. Specially the first because I played in my teens… I still remember squall and company, Laguna, Ragnarok and ultimecia. And what can I say about X? Listen to my story .. this maybe our last chance. The ending stil makes me sad

  5. Outer Wilds. Beautiful game, and I still listen to the soundtrack all the time. It reminds me to just stop and take a breath and enjoy the wonder of the world every now and then

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