What gives you most anxiety?

What gives you most anxiety?

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  1. My mask claustrophobia/maskaphobia. My heart rate skyrockets whenever I have to wear one and be still and do nothing. I am fine if grocery shopping, but sitting in a doctor’s office waiting or being seen, keeps my heart beating at 100/bpm. A year and a half in, and I still can’t handle it.

  2. The lack of information. I am a planner, I thrive in putting together plans, alternate courses of action, contingency plans, and what to do in an emergency. My absolute worst case is going into anything without any information at all.

  3. Health issues. Someone I trusted wholeheartedly turned out to be a monster. This didn’t give me trust issues with other people, but with myself. If I had a tickle in my throat, I would jump to something more sinister like throat cancer. Heart burn was a heart attack, etc.

  4. I was playing [The Forest](https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/242760/) and it was nighttime in the game, and that’s the time when cannibalistic enemies started roaming around. I heard something so I crouched down, and when I turned my camera I saw an enemy standing about 10 in-game feet away from me. I froze, and it walked right _next_ to me and went past. I was actually subduing my breathing, as if I was really in the game.

    It’s remained untouched in my game library ever since.

  5. A path to my exit being blocked. I cannot sit on the inside of a booth at a restaurant or in the middle of a crowded movie theater. I have to sit on the ends closest to an exit if possible.

  6. Not being up to the task at work. Everything must be perfect and it’s pressuring me to work more (and I’m a freelancer).

    Sometimes, I feel guilty to have free time.

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