What happened at your workplace that prompted numerous employees to leave at the same time?

What happened at your workplace that prompted numerous employees to leave at the same time?

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  1. They hired a guy to manage one department. He told all the employees they had to dress up every day (even though they were carrying stuff around all day). He booked a hotel out of state for a conference, and expected his female employees to “share a suite” with him with an unlocked door in between. Several of them just walked out en masse. They were good employees, too – a big waste. Later on the guy got fired and went back to his home state. I googled him out of curiosity a few months later, and found out he had been killed. Probably by an angry husband.

  2. New manager started at our location. He hired on friends and new staff and cut hours from people who were already working there before him. During my entire 2.5 years working there, I never saw as high a turnover as when he was manager

  3. This was before I started working here, but, one day management decided move a guy named Kyle Witherspoon up to a higher management position in the store. Unfortunately, that was probably the worst decision they could’ve made because Kyle is a micromanager. As soon as workers found out and started to deal with Kyle’s unnessesary management decisions, they left. If you are a micromanager, either change your ways, or quit. Because Elon Musk said if you make your workers hate working at your establishment than you are the problem and you need to leave. (That’s kind of my summary of Elon’s “no asshole” policy)

  4. Good boss retired, asshole boss took over. Everyone quit. They hired a bunch of new people (including the brother of the next most senior guy) they all quit within a year. Last time I checked they had one single employee.

  5. The moment they announced they were opening a new, bigger facility in India basically half the employees left over a few weeks to their competitor who was on a hiring blitz. They struggled along for a year or so then to absolutely no one’s surprise management abruptly laid everyone off and moved operations to India.

  6. Corporate workplace. Our company got bought out and the new company beat around the bush for a while over the 401k policy (it was 4% matching). They finally came back and had dropped it to something like 1% matching. Same week, they started pushing this rule about having no more than 3 things on your desk at a time in order to make it look nice. We worked in heavy manufacturing, so most desks had multiple cad drawings and work orders all over them. They messed with people’s money and then they started policing appearance at the same time. People started looking for other jobs immediately. I made it another couple months before I had something else lined up.

  7. I worked at a pool as a lifeguard and swimming teacher. It was already clear that the manager, who was married with a toddler, was banging one of the lifeguards when the manager’s husband was away, including pretty obviously during a drug-laced kegger she threw for all of the staff at her parents’ (multi-million-dollar, gorgeous) house when they were out of town. That led to her extending a lot of favors to the guard she was sleeping with and to his friend, who would sleep most of the morning on the clock and make up shift rotations that heavily favored them.

    It was also clear that the manager hated the female lifeguard who’d joined us a little later in the season and who was a bit more strait-laced and careful to do her job. Hated as in openly mocked her when she wasn’t there and egged others on to do the same. I just tried to focus on my job and stay out of it, which was pretty easy because there was a ton of work to do to try to take up the slack for three employees who rarely worked.

    What was not clear to any of us until one fine morning was that the mid-season female hire had been sent there to investigate accounting and time card irregularities and to document that the manager was signing off on hours that the two guards never worked (including some for which one of them was attending class at a nearby college). The newer hire was successful in that mission, and one day I and the two other guards who were also in “head down, just do the work” mode came in and found that we were the only ones there, the pool was closed for the day, and everyone else had been fired. Cue awkward re-staffing with the “new hire” on as the new manager – but I gotta say, it was nice not having to do everything ourselves any more.

  8. There was this project that was supposed to sell well in China, but the tariffs kicked in and it didn’t, so the parent company fired the CEO, as the new one had a massive layoff.

    They got rid of basically the whole engineering department, and it was a tech company. Seems kind of short-sighted to me.

  9. They did not lose a ton of people at once, but one job I had, had a disgusting turnover rate because the manager would change schedules whenever he wanted, was a micromanaging prick, and the company was just garbage. The guy ditched his apprenticeship to run a quick lube shop and still managed to have a god complex.

    One of those “We are family” type of traps.

  10. A well loved and amazing manager was fired because they were “restructuring.” Some 8-10 people from an entire team put in their notices at the same time a few weeks later. It was the last straw with their bizarre restricting practices that seemed to do nothing but piss off everyone who wasn’t leadership.

  11. Cart attendant crew caught not working (not the first time, and were written up multiple times before), and they were gambling on the side of the building while smoking weed.

    The company let go of 4 people immediately and told them if they came back on the property, they would be arrested for trespassing.

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