What happened during your time in school that you will never forget?

What happened during your time in school that you will never forget?

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  1. I was put in a special group of at-risk kids who met once a week with the school librarian to eat lunch, take walks, and talk about our feelings and lives. Essentially, therapy. I think she was in school to be a child psychiatrist or social worker, and the eight of us were a part of her studies. But it was a really good experience for me.

  2. We had a talent show in fourth or fifth grade, and I was going to play the piano for it. While I was practicing at the school, one of my classmates decided to throw some random little object at me that directly hit one of the lenses on my glasses. It left a mark on the lense, so I had to get it fixed.

  3. This was almost 20 years ago but many incidents. The 100 person fight that ended with the police department permanently stationing a mobile command unit outside of my school. The AP that everybody swore was up to no good, doing the perp walk on the evening news for molestation of 4 students and the next news story that he skipped bail to DR where he was found living over a daycare center. My first high school was wild. Glad I transferred when I did. Oh and of course the twin towers.

  4. In fourth grade we had to write a poem celebrating the seasons. I had never really written poems of any kind before but had discovered that I actually had a knack for it. I created a simple poem that was probably a dozen lines or so and triumphantly gave it to my teacher.

    My teacher, read the poem, and immediately asked me what book I copied it from. The same teacher is then proceeded to call over her best friend, who was also a teacher, and they stood there staring at me whispering shaking their heads. After about 10 minutes I’ve just gossiping and staring, she tells me that she doesn’t know what book I copied it from but plagiarism is vulgar. Then she made a point to take my poem and rip it into small pieces and throw it away, all the while making me a spectacle by chastising me for lying and plagiarizing. Needless to say I was absolutely devastated.

    I can’t tell you what that did for myself esteem. I think it was at that point that I realized even if someone is “your better” in level or rank, that doesn’t make them right. I still have a really hard time forgiving her and for putting my belief in anyone of authority. I often wonder what would have happened if the school board would have fired her when they caught her having an affair several years earlier. Yes, this woman had an affair and was caught at school but she got to keep her job.

  5. We had an event called “Kiss the Pig” where a senior let a piglet run loose in the cafeteria in pure panic for a while to follow a senior tradition or something. I knew right then and there that I’d be living in the city as soon as possible.

  6. during my time in 3rd grade i was just playing cards with friends but then my bully for 1st – 3rd grade decides to SHO*T me in the eye but gladly it didin’t hit it just hit right above my eyebrow.

  7. When my physics teacher yelled at me in front of all the other students (not even my classmates) that I was awful at my exam (but then I realized my grade was 98.75)

  8. School brought in a hypnotist. Roughly 2,000 students in an auditorium. I was sitting next to my girlfriend at the time.

    The hypnotist began his show by telling us to do or think about something, but my short attention span asked “why? That’s silly?” So I didn’t take it seriously…

    Apparently mostly everyone else around me did because as soon as the hypnotist said “you will fall asleep in 3, 2, 1″….. almost everyone slumped over. I panicked because my girlfriend was hypnotized and didn’t know if she was cool with what was going on, because I’m surrounded by sleeping classmates. I felt a little more comfortable once I noticed that there were a handful of other students who didn’t get hypnotized, and once all of us awake figured this out, we all calmed the fuck down and just watched the hypnotist do their show.

    He made everyone laugh, cry, shriek in fear, do silly stunts on stage, etc……but i was uncomfortable the entire time just watching all of these hypnotized classmates do whatever.

    I remember talking to my girlfriend and our group of friends after the show and we all agreed it was freaky, interesting, & entertaining.

    I’m personally comfortable with never seeing anyone hypnotized again.

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