What happened to the popular kids after leaving high school?

What happened to the popular kids after leaving high school?

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  1. The prom king discovered heroine and about 3 years after graduation took off from a bar with the entire cash register. When the cops caught him two blocks away he had a butter knife in his pocket. The theft became armed robbery and he got 10 years.

  2. Working high paying jobs because all that money that made them popular in highschool also ensured a smooth trip through college and into early adulthood.

  3. The few from my grade: Local football coach. Ranch operator. Travel blogger. Druggie. Collision repair. Small time political positions while being a banker.

  4. Popular kids from my high school have kids, cheated on their significant others, and one even tried to get me involved with them in a MLM.

  5. Straight after they left it sounded like some went off and did what they wanted to, some rumours spread about certain ones. And others just became druggies.

  6. Living in subsidized housing with 5-10 kids. Many are single fathers and mothers. They don’t do anything but smoke weed, go to recording studio trying to be that next star and play dominoes.

  7. They had confidence, financial support, and social connections and went on to become all sorts of things. They were athletic in most cases, so they also developed good habits young and look a decade younger than me. A decent number we’re queer and didn’t come out until later, but even then they had good support systems at home compared to a lot of kids.

  8. One died in a car accident just a few months before graduating from his basketball scholarship college. Another girl went on to become a Maxim model.

  9. Pretty much the same as everyone else. Some became successful. Some did ok and some… welll…not so much.

    Barry became a rocket scientist with NASA. I became a Battalion Chief with the fire department. Ronnie went to prison.

    Gumby became a federal judge. Frankie became a Department Director for the City. Yoli wound up as a housekeeper at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

    Popularity in high school doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s what you do with your life afterwards is what counts.

  10. He killed his nan, he turned out to be schizophrenic and ended up having a cocaine addiction, them two things really really don’t go well together apparently, his nan had dementia and his reasoning for killing her was “she doesn’t remember anything so she’s basically dead anyway”, he cut her throat and then went out to find a nurse in her nursing home to tell them what he did, I don’t know how long her got in prison but I’m guessing it’s not going to be any time soon

  11. One is a CNS in Austin, one is a mechanical engineer working in Greece, one is the news lady for NBC Lubbock, one is currently the track-and-field coach at my high school, and one is wasting his trust fund money by partying in Europe.

  12. This happened after we left middle school. This popular girl Tary was a bitch. The school loved her and excused all of her behavior with “She has a bad home life” bullied me and others ruthlessly. High school now and heard she dropped out and is doing cocaine and meth. Not surprised in the slightest.

  13. They all seem excessively normal, I guess? They went to Big 10 colleges and then moved to Chicago for a few years and went back to our Western suburban town, often with kids in school. Big boring houses. It’s not for me but they seem happy.

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