What happened to your high school ‘smart kid’?

What happened to your high school ‘smart kid’?

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  1. I might have been the smart kid. Tied for Valedictorian and went to a T20 school.

    Today I’m an average schmoe. Quite a lot happened in the 10+ years since I graduated, not all of it positive.

  2. Okay he wasn’t necessarily the smart kid but he was a very talented guitar player that started a highschool band, and was one of my 3 close friends.

    He was having back problems and a doctor performed surgery on his back. The doctor caused an injury that put him in a wheel chair for a while, and he also started having seizures. He was assigned to regular physical therapy sessions and eventually could walk with a cane. His health was always up and down and eventually they decided to sue after the covered physical therapy sessions ran out which was right after the statute of limitations to sue.

    So he was screwed. The band broke up, and he gave up on playing guitar. He lives at home with his mom (dad passed). He still alternates between the wheelchair and cane depending on his health, and put on a lot of weight. He spends all his time and disability money on marjuiana. I don’t blame him, it was a shitty thing that happened. I still reach out to him from time to time but he usually only replies to 2 messages before disappearing. I wish him the best.

  3. The valedictorian of my class started out as an artistic vendor and then catching a lucky break with her venture she transitioned into a travel blogger with her husband. They go to neat historical places around the world.

  4. i was in the smartest section in high school. so I can talk about all of them.

    One of that guy has social anxiety and his life seems fucked from every angle.

    but most of them are successful in terms of people’s point of view, like in good colleges, good jobs, good salary, good family etc.

  5. Pretty high up at Microsoft. Not waaay up there, but I recall when I caught up with him that he mentioned him having a few $M in cash.

    I was like shit man, good on you.

  6. They all did very well. There were no surprises. The valedictorian became a professor, and so did at least three other ‘smart kids’. Another guy became a successful lawyer, and another manages government real estate holdings at a high level. One guy became a financial adviser/accountant, and I think he did quite well.

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