What happens if Trump goes to jail?

What happens if Trump goes to jail?

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  1. He doesn’t run for president again. That’s really the only major thing I can think of that would be affected, he’s not in power anymore so not much else would happen.

  2. I’d guess protests and riots from hus supporters, probably saying its a set up and stuff like that.

    Republicans may either support him saying its unlawful and stuff like that, or by just throwing him under the bus.

    Non-republicans may praise it, as someone in power finally getting punishment for their wrong doings.

  3. Small groups of idiots will carry out terrorist acts to no avail, and eventually the World will move on and everyone will forget about that Turd and his dumb followers will crawl back under their rocks.

  4. He won’t go to jail. He may well be charged and convicted of various crimes, but he won’t go to jail. His lawyers could very reasonably argue that there is no way for a former president to be adequately protected in jail, and that it is unfair to put him in solitary confinement.

  5. Violence. Protesting. People get hurt, some people get killed. Over a sociopathic man-child. But it still needs to happen. We can’t let undereducated nationalist dipshits intimidate the US into fascism.

  6. I am serious, what happens in America if Trump goes to jail? I don’t believe there will ever be a civil war. But American democracy will never be the same. How does his party react ? What happens if Republicans gain powers again? Where do we go from here?

  7. there will be mass protests. idk exactly how crazy they’ll get, but I’d assume worse than jan 6th. but the FBI will be prepared for that if the arrest happens

  8. Imagine, for a moment, a toddler, screaming that it didn’t get its candy.

    That would be Trump Supporters on the day he goes to jail.

    It would be pretty…uh…pathetic, yeah.

  9. “They call the Walls Unit “The Revolving Door”,

    cuz so many convicts come back for more

    I guess they forget how hard freedom can be

    over here we get free meals and pretty good tea

    clean clothes, hot showers, chess tournaments

    no one banging at your door screaming for the rent”-SPM

  10. Civil war? Idk.

    Maybe Trump rats out a bunch of people, gets a luxury jail facility for handful of months. He gets out. Business booms. I really don’t know.

    Just my imagination

  11. They ignored Hillarys emails, Hunters laptop and Ghislaines client list. There might be a civil war.

    The past 3 years of the media calling riots and looting mostly peaceful wont help either.

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