What have you been bullied for?

What have you been bullied for?

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  1. My appearance, the acne, my chest size my butt size, how skinny I am.

    My shyness, people assumed something was wrong with me because I’m quiet and anxious around new people

  2. Wearing glasses, looking kind of masculine, I also have a large birthmark on my arm. Struggling with self love and my self image for years, and still to this day sometimes

  3. Having a dead dad. I went to the fathers daughter dance with my best friend when I was like 7. I danced with her dad. (So fucking sweet) I got a lot of bullying about it. “ your dads dead why are you even here” followed by laughter. That shit hurt. Cried the whole way home 🙃

  4. One time in fifth grade, I had a Gangnam Style t-shirt on, you know, back then when it was at his peak. For some reason, people bullied me by saying that the first “N” in the word Gangnam, looked like an “Y” so I basically had to listen to people telling me I have Gaynam Style shirt on.

    I wasn’t hurt by it, it just got so annoying that I cried at the end of the school day because all my classes began to do it lol

  5. my best friend and i are different genders (I’m a girl and he’s a boy) and his other friends often bully/harass me for just hanging out with him and “stealing” him from me. they’re just mad he hangs out with me more I’m assuming.

  6. My name. I was never teased about it until I was in 1st grade and went somewhere new. Being the new kid with no friends and a funny name made me an easy target for future bullying.

  7. Being great

    Being awful

    Being great/awful

    Being a woman

    Not being lesbian

    Liking men a lot

    Being mean

    Being nice

    Being Young

    Being old

    Having my shit together

    Having my shit together during a crisis

    Talking shit about having my shit together during a crisis

    Being on social media ANY social media

    Having a pulse, heartbeat, and blood coursing through my veins

  8. I was rightfully bullied for being an edgy Satanist, but it was a miscalculation on their part because I was going through psychosis-induced ASPD at the time.

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