What have you slowly lost all respect for?

What have you slowly lost all respect for?

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  1. Tourists.

    We welcome you with open arms into our town/region and all you do is bring shitty temper tantrums and litter fucking everywhere. I’ve even caught some pissing in the gutters out front of local shops.

    We’re sick of you and because of you. Take your money and piss off.

  2. The GOP .

    I used to take the stance of mutual respect being essential for both parties but I just feel the GOP went off the deep end a bit. Like politicians are all somewhat corrupt to some degree but parties aside I’m hoping for some major anti corruption reforms all around. I just feel totally disillusioned with recent scandals.

  3. Blizzard entertainment. I remember playing the original Warcraft II and III, as well as Diablo I and II. Then when WOW came out was amazing. Over the years though they have fallen from grace to become one of the worst gaming companies there is.

  4. Republicans. I used to be one, a pro business party of fiscal responsibility. But now it’s turned into a racist group of religious science deniers. How did this happen?!

  5. People who make comics about “Every day life” things that have never happened to 99.9% of people who look at the comics, was funny at first now I can’t stand them

  6. society….I find myself way more selfish these days because what’s the point in helping others when you get nothing back? and the Australian goverment ive lost major respect for them..

  7. Never respected most of the political right. Now the left is slowly becoming just as crazy. That just leaves mostly the middle, which i have dubbed, “Reasonable”

  8. Democrats

    When people are suffering because of sky rocket fuel price, inflations etc they just keep their mouth shut because the President is from their party, hypocrites

  9. Famous people. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely amazing famous people but most of them, behind closed doors are, for lack of a better word, assholes

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