What helps you fall asleep?

What helps you fall asleep?

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  1. People talking, I always put on youtube before going to bed. I’m not sure if it helps me sleep directly (sometimes it keeps me up), but it helps me feel more comfortable in turn helping me sleep

  2. Every night, I hire a professional MMA boxer to knock me tf out. It’s hard to describe, but after I get hit with that two piece mega combo I sleep smooth as a baby, nothing else truly like it.

  3. I have really bad anxiety and it’s always very hard to wind down and fall asleep for the night. I used to use asmr for the longest time and it’s not working like it used to anymore. So I’ve seemed to switch over to watching putting on muppet movies on a low volume. It works pretty well. But in general I recommend putting on a movie you’ve seen a million times and usually puts you in a good mood

  4. Getting a ton of exercise the day before so I’m exhausted. Having someone in the room with me and being able to hear them breathe, a pet works too. Maybe it’s creepy but hearing someone breathe is so soothing. Taking a muscle relaxer (I know I know it’s prescription medication so I try not to abuse it but if I’m having some kind of muscle cramp AND trouble sleeping it’s useful. I got it prescribed once but I didn’t end up needing the whole bottle so now I have some extras.)

    Meditating is supposed to help but I’m really horrible at it. My brother says it helps him a lot though. So I figured I’d throw it out there. Melatonin is also supposed to help but for me it’s not enough for some reason.

  5. Many of us have trouble sleeping and the reasons are different for each individual. Some people find that they need to read a book before they can fall asleep while others prefer to watch TV or play video games.

    One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to sleep is what helps you fall asleep? The answer is as different as the person asking the question.

  6. Staying physically active through the day, even if it just means moving around the house doing chores. Can hardly stay up past my usual bedtime lol

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