what if you had a chance to restart life with everything you know now, would you?

what if you had a chance to restart life with everything you know now, would you?

What do you think?


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  1. Depends on what happens after death normally. Walk into peace and beauty? Nah, once was enough. Nothingness or reincarnation anyway? Sure Ill try a NG+ of real life lol!

  2. As much as I would say yes, I feel like having that knowledge would cause you to make different decisions in your new life that would completely change the original course of your old life; so much so that you wouldn’t be prepared at all for any consequences or repercussions of those actions as they would be new experiences. You could quite possibly end up in a worse life than what you have right now. People currently in happy marriages might make decisions in the youth of their new life that would make it so you never meet your significant other at all. And they may end up in other relationships that aren’t as fulfilling or downright miserable. Just as an example.

  3. Absolutely. And not even for knowledge that would make me tons of money. I wanna take back the awful decisions that I still regret to this day. No amount of money in the world can fix those. If only I didn’t quit drawing, if only I didn’t quit drawing. That one decision, just that ONE GODDAMN decision…

  4. 100%. Imagine all the things you could jump on if you had prior knowledge. Imagine throwing 2k into bitcoin before it even hit $50 in value, knowing about the crazy GameStop stock crash, being able to redo your teen years and push yourself physically and mentally far further than you could have with your prior maturity. Realistically going back in time with all of your memories would set you up to rule the world if you were smart enough

  5. Not right now. I want to see what happens with my wife and kids through the rest of my life. What happens to them due to this miracle?

    Maybe if I was about to die and I had the option. It depends, again, on what happens to them. Do they continue to exist in like a “current” universe and my restart boots up a “new” universe?

  6. After one or two major choices/decisions that you’d do differently using the knowledge of what happened in your first life you’d be so far off the original path that the knowledge of what happened in your original timeline after those events would be useless

  7. Nah. I feel like I’d get out of things that have changed my life for the hood by getting out of things that have changed my life for the worst. I’d rather continue living in the moment then focus on what I’m suppose to do next. We all make mistakes, might be useful knowing some stuff before but I don’t mind

  8. So, despite some stresses, I love my life.
    But yes. Absolutely. Because I’d need to know, I’d never forgive myself for not finding out what life could’ve been like with that kind of advantage.

    In many ways, it would be absolutely heartbreaking having love for so many people who don’t know me yet, particularly if we didn’t grow close the second time around. But I’d have to know, and I’d form new relationships too.

  9. I think I would, but just because of how much I value extending my life. However, I’d be deeply torn over all the ethical conflicts like dating and the shit I know will happen in my family and probably end up more miserable than I already am.

  10. I feel like I have had that chance several times… the problem is you can’t take that knowledge with you, if you could… it wouldn’t make a difference, your actions would be assimilated by reality and reality itself would adjust and adapt so nothing changes.

    Everyone knows what the Butterfly effect is…. but this is not correct. You could travel through time and try to kill Hitler for example, but every attempt would always somehow end up that Hitler lives and the same exact stuff occurs. No matter what you do.

    You could try and warn people but nobody would listen, like robots… no matter how much logic you try to show them.

    No matter what, it would always work out to the same results.

  11. In a heart beat. Just imagining how different things would go, and how much more quickly I could “start my life” in a sense. Not having to do much schooling.

  12. Yes. I was given so much and had a combination of terrible choices and terrible timing that squandered my best opportunities. More or less coasted on my best stats without any real personal growth.

    I don’t even need to know everything I do now, that would be a bit much; just be allowed to write myself a letter that I would have reason to believe was legit.

  13. How soes it work?

    Do I have the memory of everything that has happened or do I just have the knowledge without the memory of my experiences? Does it restart from this time point or do I go back in time and it restarts?

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