What immoral things can be done without breaking the law?

What immoral things can be done without breaking the law?

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  1. Most of these would technically count as vandalism but it would be extremely hard to say it was you, and not just common shitty occurrences

    -Put crumbs in someone’s bed
    -Put a little sand in there shoes, just enough to bug you but not enough to shake out
    -Cut micro holes in there pants so when they step in them there toe gets caught and rips the pants
    -Bend someone’s headphone or charger cords enough to where they have to bend them to get them to work
    -Use a lighter or something hot and singe little corners of there favorite blanket so that when they go to use it they randomly get poked
    -use a wet paper towel to lightly dampen the shirt there planning to wear so there shirt isn’t soggy, just damp
    -unplug anything they have in a hard to reach place

    This is years of thought out plots I’ve had

  2. Mutilate billions of farm animals, keep them in so little space they can’t even move, overcrowded with no privacy or rest, sick and standing in their own shit.
    Selectively breed animals to become so productive they break their own bones over just laying eggs.
    Boil millions of pigs while fully conscious every year.

    And lastly, financing this whole abomination of an industry by buying their stuff in the supermarket.

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