What, in your opinion, is a realistic solution to gun violence in the United States?

What, in your opinion, is a realistic solution to gun violence in the United States?

What do you think?

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  1. I sound like Bernie here but taking money out of politics would solve most problems.

    From the lack of sensible gun control to the insane cost of healthcare. Take the money out. Don’t allow the fucking politicians to lobby after retirement.

  2. Depends.

    If you mean most gun violence, stop gang and drug activity (aka legalize drugs so gangs have nothing to sell).

    If you mean mass shootings, probably more programs to feel connected to your neighborhood and community. People with something to take care of rarely destroy things.

  3. A multi prong solution:

    * “Its a mental health issue” Yes, it is.
    * “We need gun control” Yes, we do.
    * “We need to stop bullying” Yes, we do.

    I think too many people are just looking for one solution. We have to prioritize short term vs long term goals. This won’t change immediately.

  4. Make it as least as regulated as operating a car.
    -Universal license requirements (age, competency testing, registry)
    -Standard background checks across all states and sales outlets
    -Liability insurance required
    -Strict and uniform laws around red flag. Felony domestic abuse? No gun license.
    -Eliminate general availability for “assault style” weapons (not interested in debate about what constitutes “assault”. I own an AR-15 and there’s no need for 18 year olds to be able to purchase them and similar platforms, bump stocks and high capacity mags)

  5. Everyone is arguing that it’s a mental health issue, but there are people with mental health issues and shit healthcare all over the world and this STILL doesn’t happen. I think the states needs a huge culture shift.

  6. Honestly, there isn’t a realistic solution. Guns are too baked into our culture and guaranteed by our constitution (which may kinda go hand in hand). You’d be asking too many people to give up their rights and that just won’t gain the popularity to be feasible.

    We can take incremental steps. We can require background checks for private sales, for instance. But I’m just not sure there’s anything that can be done to reduce numbers enough that it acts as a silver bullet, no pun intended.

    If you’re looking at school shootings specifically, that’s even more complicated. These were barely an issue at all until the mid-late 90s. You would have to look at what’s changed in that time. Guns haven’t become more accessible, so the evidence doesn’t point to that being a cause. I don’t know what the answer is.

  7. Extend the powers of the second amendment, and insure it includes thermo-nuclear devices

    In 5 years the gun violence problem would die

    As well as the entire united states

  8. I work as an engineering consultant and have to get into secure plants. These properties are fenced and there is a security gate where everyone who enters must badge in to drive in the gate. If the US can send 40 billion to Ukraine then we can fence in all the schools and have security guard entry points with only one way in through the security gate. Armed security guards should be at these gates as well.

  9. The first step is changing the mentality. It’s not the democrats fault, it’s not the republicans fault. You have to realize that both sides believe the opposite things, so you can’t just say “remove *insert party* from the government” and actually expect it to work. Both parties have their faults and both sucks in my opinion. Now that you’ve changed your mentality, simply copy and paste what other countries are doing because they’re not having nearly as many issues as us in this regard.

  10. Option 1: “Treat guns like cars”
    Introduce competency tests, licenses, inspections and confiscations where necessary.

    Option 2: “Starve the beast”
    Ban all ammunition sales. Crack down heavily on illegal bullet manufacture and sale. Then wait.

    Option 3: “Clean up your own mess”
    Simply make all gun sellers or manufacturers legally liable for the deaths of anyone killed with their weapons. Ignore the industry protests and watch the problem go away as the industry self-imposes the sorts of regulation and safety protocols that they pretend are will never work.

    Option 4: “The one that’s worked in every other country in the world”
    Ban all gun sales for anything that isn’t a single-shot hunting rifle.

  11. U don’t need to ban guns. Just put 500% tax on the gun and 50 different medical check ups before u can buy one.

    Make it so expensive and so harrassing that people who have mental health problems aren’t able to buy one.

    Farmers and co could get waivers.

  12. Mental health reform and eliminating automatic and semi-automatic guns from the general public. Guns that have no business for self-protection or hunting have no reason to be purchased by an average joe.

  13. While not a law, the SCOTUS ruling in the *District of Columbia vs. Heller* absolutely contributed to how we got to where we are today. That’s the ruling that essentially separated owning firearms from any militia requirements, specifically granting access to guns for the purpose of self defense, as a lawful activity protected by the 2A.

    That’s the kicker. If a gun could be used for self defense, it basically gets a green light, with a few noteworthy exceptions. This is what led to the situation where we’re flooded with guns. We’re the only country in the world where guns outnumber people, and this ruling helped make it possible. The number of guns increases access to guns which increases the possibility of someone having a gun who shouldn’t.

    So if we want to talk about laws and policies, the biggest step would be to either clarify what Scalia means in his majority *DC v. H eller* opinion where he says “2A is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.” That could be new gun control laws in Blue States that challenge the lack of legal clarity of “dangerous and unusual weapons.”

    A very similar argument for high capacity mags. They’re already here, so limiting them doesn’t keep them out of the hands of bad actors as soon as a bill is signed into law. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go ahead and do the smart thing by limiting the equipment that turn lethal weaponry into **extremely effective** lethal weaponry.

  14. Same policies as owning a car (yearly registration, training in the classroom and at a range, regular testing, revoking of license if needed).

    Universal background checks.

    Ban assault rifles.

    Honestly, I think the most important thing would be a public conversation with both sides to discuss how to move forward. There are rational gun owners who should have their opinions heard on how to regulate (I’m guessing they’re part of the 66% who agree with some regulation). It feels like the extreme ends of the spectrum are just screaming at each other thinking it’s an all-or-nothing situation.

  15. Make owning a gun very expensive. Put a high tax on the sale of guns and ammo. Also, if the guns used in the shootings are usually registered firearms, put an annual tax on gun registration.

    Put a cap on the amount of guns and ammo a retailer is allowed to sell to private citizens. Have a government buyback option where the government buys back the guns at the price the private citizen paid for them.

  16. Stop selling guns to people. Just stop or use a phased approach.

    Make sure there is rigorous testing before you are allowed a gun for a specific reason.

    You can have a hunting rifle when you pass your test.
    You can have your precision gun when you passed your test.

    Incentivise turning guns in.

    It will die out in 50 years or so.

  17. Bring back social and mental health supports and a better cost of living so parents can actually be there for and with their children.

    People who shoot up schools do it out of desperation. We need to stop people from getting to the point of desperation.

  18. There is no one solution. (No “magic bullet” if you will.) We need a multi-pronged approach –

    Common sense gun control. Background checks, waiting period, education, registry. No assault rifles. Maybe it should be a license that is renewed periodically.

    Kids/adults/families – if you see something, say something. There are always warning signs. Report them BEFORE you see it on the news.

    Better security measures for soft targets (building/door/window design, metal detectors, trained security.)

    Gun safety education – educate in our public schools. This is similar to education re tobacco and drugs.

    Media/entertainment/video games- stop glamorizing guns.

    Make gun manufacturers, sellers, owners, etc criminally and civilly liable for mass shootings.

    Maybe making a non-gun weapon (i.e., something that’s not lethal) for self defense and hunting widely available?

    Pay people to turn in their guns for them to be destroyed.

    It’s a big task. Our huge culture change re cigarettes is a good example for some solutions, I think.

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