What inconvenient truth does Reddit hate to hear?

What inconvenient truth does Reddit hate to hear?

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  1. Reddit is absolutely a left wing echo chamber (I’m liberal). The entire site is filled with charged language, disingenuous titles, and a team of mods and admins who immediately ban anyone who dissents.

    It’s still the least shitty social media app tho.

  2. Every couple of weeks, the hive mind invents eugenics in the form of the question, “Should people have to take a test before they have kids?”

    About as often, the hive mind proposes taking power away from the people by imposing a test for cognitive function or an upper limit of age on candidates for office.

    Slightly less often, the hive mind takes a few rumors about hitherto admired historical figures and makes them out to be horrible people. As a corollary, the hive mind has never read a history book and can’t think of examples of good or bad leaders of any country past the last twenty years.

    The hive mind purports to hate cars, suburbs, and single family homes. Given that tens of millions of Americans live quiet, happy lives that way, the hive mind is in the minority.

  3. I’ve been around the block on the horny side of Reddit a few times. The e-girls some of you are talking to don’t want to fuck you. It’s acting at its finest. Either for money or entertainment, acting nonetheless.

  4. If you find that you’re cutting off a lot of relationships because everyone is toxic, then it’s probably you who are toxic. It is not normal or healthy to end relationships on a whim.

  5. They don’t like opinions that counter theirs.

    They don’t like cuss words because oh no, cuss words = somehow losing an argument when it’s just a means of expression.

    Their ideas of moderating and maintaining sites like Reddit are just trashy.

    And the normal average reddit user is some failed stand up comedian who’s only go-to is shitty memes, edgelord jokes and references nobody will care to get.

  6. 99% of the posts on r/relationship_advice could be solved if people communicated what they were posting to their partners. a lot of the posts there just feel as though they’re fishing around for at least one person to tell them that they’re absolutely in the right so that they can use that for their confirmation bias

  7. Completely cutting long time friends and family out of your life isn’t normal. And if the trigger for doing it was some shit you read on social media, you’re the toxic one.

  8. It’s okay to dislike something without pointing fingers. We ought to recognize more often when a situation is shitty and there’s no one to blame instead of rushing to find fault with someone, anyone.

    Likewise, if someone complains about a shitty situation, it is not necessarily an attack. Someone tried to tell me that complaining about high gas prices was an anti-Biden dogwhistle and I just couldn’t take them seriously.

  9. just because you act nice, and do nice things, doesn’t make you a nice guy.

    people can tell when you do things for ulterior purposes, even if you can’t admit it to yourself. The only way to defeat this is to try to be honest with yourself.

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